An explanation of how closed captioning works

Incompatibility issues with digital TV[ edit ] Many viewers find that when they acquire a digital television or set-top box they are unable to view closed caption CC information, even though the broadcaster is sending it and the TV is able to display it.

Through SMPTEstandards now exist that dictate how open and closed captions, as well as hearing-impaired and visually impaired narrative audio, are packaged with the rest of the digital movie. Advanced subtitling can also include additional media accessibility features such as "descriptive audio".

Closed captioning

Odd field 1 can have four data channels: They can also be used as a tool by those learning to read, learning to speak a non-native language, or in an environment where the audio is difficult to hear or is intentionally muted. Reid Kimball, a game designer who is hearing impaired, is attempting to educate game developers about closed captioning for games.

The Telecommunications Act of expanded on the Decoder Circuity Act to place the same requirements on digital television receivers by July 1, Since that time, the core Line 21 character set has been expanded to include quite a few more characters, handling most requirements for languages common in North and South America such as FrenchSpanishand Portuguesethough those extended characters are not required in all decoders and are thus unreliable in everyday use.

Kimball designed the Dynamic Closed Captioning system,[ citation needed ] writes articles and speaks at developer conferences. Reid started the Games[CC] group to closed caption games and serve as a research and development team to aid the industry. More byte errors during EIA transmission can affect the screen momentarily, by defaulting to a real-time mode such as the An explanation of how closed captioning works up" style, type random letters on screen, and then revert to normal.

Typically, this display is a large LED sign. Some shows are captioned in real time. The Silverlight Media Framework [39] also includes support for the timed-text exchange profile for both download and adaptive streaming media.

Theatre[ edit ] Live plays can be open captioned by a captioner who displays lines from the script and including non-speech elements on a large display screen near the stage.

One of the first video game companies to feature closed captioning was Bethesda Softworks in their release of Hockey League Simulator [32] and The Terminator Similarly, CC3 and CC4 share the second even field of line For prerecorded programs, commercials, and home videos, audio is transcribed and captions are prepared, positioned, and timed in advance.

Caption channels[ edit ] A bug touting CC1 and CC3 captions on Telemundo The Line 21 data stream can consist of data from several data channels multiplexed together. Many source devices do not have the ability to overlay CC information, for controlling the CC overlay can be complicated.

Outside North America, capitals with background coloration indicate a song title or sound effect description. For programs that have a mix of pre-prepared and live content, such as news bulletinsa combination of the above techniques is used. In the United States, the National Captioning Institute noted that English as a foreign or second language ESL learners were the largest group buying decoders in the late s and early s before built-in decoders became a standard feature of US television sets.

These captions can be turned on and off and appear in the same style as TV closed captions, with all the standard formatting pop-on, roll-up, paint-onand can be positioned and split anywhere on the video screen.

Sometimes there will already be a script prepared for the transcriber to use. The process differs with each device and service. Real-Time Captioning Real-time captioning involves live programming. Go here to check for openings at Aberdeen. Some North American providers use this for narrated dialogue.

A "source", in this case, can be a DVD player or a terrestrial or cable digital television receiver. On some DVDs, the Line 21 captions may contain the same text as the subtitles; on others, only the Line 21 captions include the additional non-speech information even sometimes song lyrics needed for deaf and hard-of-hearing viewers.

For all types of NTSC programming, captions are "encoded" into line 21 of the vertical blanking interval - a part of the TV picture that sits just above the visible portion and is usually unseen.

I have seen several remote closed captioning positions posted there before. The measure used to guide this editing is words per minute, commonly varying from todepending on the type of program. During the second half ofTV3 and FOUR began providing non-Teletext DVB image-based captions on their HD service and used the same format on the satellite service, which has since caused major timing issues in relation to server load and the loss of captions from most SD DVB-S receivers, such as the ones Sky Television provides their customers.

Offensive words are also captioned, but if the program is censored for TV broadcast, the broadcaster might not have arranged for the captioning to be edited or censored also. Outside North America, capitals with black or no background coloration indicates when a word is stressed or emphasized.

7 Places to Find Work at Home Closed Captioning Jobs

Sometimes, the captions of live broadcasts, like news bulletins, sports events, live entertainment shows, and other live shows, fall behind by a few seconds.

The "TV Guardian", a television set-top boxis available to parents who wish to censor offensive language of programs-the video signal is fed into the box and if it detects an offensive word in the captioning, the audio signal is bleeped or muted for that period of time.

This is the preferred method for most US broadcast and cable networks that are mandated by the U. It can display some movie DVD captions. Uncorrectable byte errors within the teletext page header will cause whole captions to be dropped.The definition of "closed" captioning in this context is different from television, as it refers to any technology that allows as few as one member of the audience to view the captions.

Open captioning in a film theater can be accomplished through burned-in captions, projected text or bitmaps, or (rarely) a display located above or below the movie screen.

Real-time captioning is transcribing live events, audio or video. It is the most lucrative and the most demanding of all transcription jobs. Most often real-time transcriptionists work as court reporters, which is not a job that can be telecommuted.

How does closed captioning work? A STAFF REPORT FROM THE STRAIGHT DOPE SCIENCE ADVISORY BOARD. December 23, Meanwhile, closed captioning assumes an audience cannot hear the audio and needs a text description of what they would otherwise be hearing. Closed captions and subtitles in action.

How Translating Text Contained in a Video Works. How To Add Foreign Language Subtitles to YouTube. How To Add Closed Captions To Your YouTube Video.

Request an explanation. Rules. Have an idea to improve ELI5? r/IdeasForELI5. Before posting. How do closed captioning systems work for movies? ELI5: How do closed captioning systems work for movies? The positive sides are that you can control where the captions appear in your view, if you want them in the middle of the screen.

Creation of the closed caption text may be done live, in a studio after the fact, or even in your home if you are captioning online videos.

To be “closed” captions, they must be encoded in the video so that viewers can turn them on and off at will.

An explanation of how closed captioning works
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