Analyzing my handwriting as a font

If this applicant has special skills necessary in your business, it would be wise to have him return on another day and obtain another sample of his writing.

While a very slight wave in the baseline is a common sign, an unusual up-and-down fluctuation identifies the moody individual. It can be found in al 1 three zones but is most apparent in the MZ. Wide-spaced lines of handwriting show a wish to stand back and take a long view.

There are three general types of thread. If the up-stroke goes up and then returns on top of itself, the writer may be squeezing out imagination and keeping to the basic requirement of getting down to the job in hand.

Narrow spaces between words indicate a wish to be with others, but such writers may also crowd people and be intrusive, notably if the writing lacks finesse.

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He usually can see more than one approach to a problem and therefore often has some degree of executive ability. The upper zone has six bizonal letters: Combinations of writing form reveal the personality in each writing, but only in part.

The garland is a soft, easily stroked connective depicting the writer who is receptive, compliant and easy going. Middle zone or case as in a, c, e, etc These middle zone shapes can give some particularly interesting information.

Graphology - Handwriting Analysis

No single handwriting sample will exhibit all different features of course - a typical analysis will involve far less. He feels before he thinks.

Most people write with a slight right slant B. The most important characteristic analyzing my handwriting as a font group solidarity against outsiders.

In the English alphabet, which is also used for most European languages, including French, German and Italian, a part of every letter is found in the middle zone.

Lower zone as in g, y, p, etc Lower loops are also varied and have different meanings. If there are reasonably proportioned upper zone loops, this indicates someone who likes to think things through and use their imagination in a sensible way.

Graphology - an introductory guide to handwriting features As previously stated there are around features - this introductory article attempts to explain some of the basic ones that can be readily understood and which give interesting information.

Graphology - handwriting analysis [edit] Graphology training guide - how graphology experts analyse handwriting Graphology - the study of handwriting and handwriting analysis - is now an accepted and increasingly used technique for assessment of people in organizations. Graphology is actually a very old and respected science - the study of handwriting and its analysis was first developed by the Chinese 3, years ago.

The first downslanted sample could be just a temporary discouragement from job-hunting. A full lower loop with light pressure indicates a need or wish for security.

This writer needs to be true to self first and foremost and can be resentful if others try to push for more commitment from them. The writer who uses many garlands is often said to be "people oriented". He may use this slow and deliberate action as a form of cautious contrcl and self protection.

In a professional or organizational context, graphology can play an important part in enabling working relationships to be forged that will enhance the quality of the group or team performance. It is the combination of features, and the interaction between them that enable a full and clear interpretation.

How did the prospect use the spaces within the blanks, boxes, or fill-ins?If the below was a sample of my handwriting, would you be able to determine my personality characteristics? Analyze Your Handwriting, by John Cowens.

I would pull several handwritten assignments from his or her file and analyze the handwriting. Analyzing handwriting (graphology) can be used for legally identifying people.

"Just from analyzing your handwriting, experts can find over 5, personality traits," she says. McKnight readily admits that the information she.

What Does Your Handwriting Say About You? Did you know that how you write can indicate more than 5, personality traits?

The size of your letters, spacing between words, shapes of letters and more can all signify different characteristics. Aug 11,  · How to Improve Your Handwriting. Two Parts: Analyzing Your Handwriting Changing Your Handwriting Community Q&A. Having good handwriting is useful for writing letters and cards and filling out important paperwork.

If you wish your handwriting was a little easier to read, don’t worry! Go onto font websites and look 81%().

How can I best learn to analyze handwriting, aka Graphology? Update Cancel. Answer Wiki. 11 Answers. If your font size is large, you surely are people-oriented. your intuitive response should be analyzing the handwriting before even trying to decipher what is the note trying to communicate.

Mar 27,  · Analyzing Meghan Markle's Handwriting. Caroline Hallemann. Town & Country. But Markle's beautiful handwriting can reveal more about soon-to-be-royal than just a (the equivalent of font).

Analyzing my handwriting as a font
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