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Its origins are ancient, and it has held a respected position in nearly every culture and society since the dawn of recorded history. Equally, in all three countries, beer is similar in market positioning, i.

High End Collectible advertising trays: The countries studied are the UK, the Netherlands and Germany, all of which posses a long tradition in brewing and the consumption of beer.

No assumptions were made which values were to be expected in any one country to be dominantly displayed in beer commercials, but all commercials were studied a priori empirically to identify dominant themes.

The design of a tray also affects its value, collectors love to see trays with attractive designs and good colors.

Or should the advertising message be customised to reflect local culture? This combination of rarity and demand drives prices up into the hundreds and sometimes even the thousands of dollars.


In many cases a tray in near-mint condition can bring ten times the value of the same tray as a grade 6. Beer advertising should not suggest directly or indirectly that any of the laws applicable to the sale and consumption of beer should not be complied with.

In the UK, advertising of alcoholic beverages is regulated by a self-imposed code of conduct of the Advertising Association, as well as the regulations of the Independent Television Commission for television.

Please take a moment to review our guidelines and provide any appropriate feedback. The production, distribution, and sale of beer in the United States are subject to extensive laws and regulations, enforced by federal, state, and local governments.

Conversly, when advertising washing powder, consumers in both northern as well as southern European markets may expect information on the effectiveness of the product to dominate the commercial.

Methodology The primary objective of this study is to determine weather or not the same advertising themes and appeals are used in all three countries to persuade customers to buy or consume beer, and to identify the dominant appeals used.

The second main factor affecting the price of collectibles is demand. In Germany, the Zentralverband der deutschen Werbewirstchaft and the Deutscher Werberat have published similar rules governing the advertising on television.

Trays with only a few known examples will naturally bring higher prices from collectors than trays that you can buy on ebay at any time. Central to this debate, are two issues: Federal and state laws establish a three-tiered distribution system for beer.

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Additionally, condition increases the value at an almost exponential rate where the difference between a grade 8 and grade 9 is much larger than the difference between a grade 7 and grade 8. In their view, advertising and marketing can be standardised across cultures, and the same values can be used to persuade customers to buy or consume the product.

Most trays are lithographed metal, though we also deal with porcelain trays and occasionally engraved brass or other similar trays as well. This question is one of the most fundamental decisions when planning an advertising campaign in different cultural areas, and, not surprisingly, one Beer advertising values the most frequently discussed issues in advertising today.

Many of the later and more common Coca-Cola trays will also fall in this range. Many people get hung up on the idea of whether something is rare, without considering if anyone out there actually wants to buy it.

Inthe per capita beer consumption was the highest in Germany, with Most trays will date to the early s to s though some valuable trays date to outside this period.

There are valuable trays out there with rather simple designs as well but those are the exception rather than the rule. Given Woods et al.

Any marketing and advertising campaign should, in their view, reflect the local habits, lifestyles and economical conditions in order to be effective. The easiest and quickest way to get an accurate value is to email us at Info ManifestAuctions.

In order to minimise distortion, only advertising for beers originating from the country have been selected. Brewer advertising and marketing materials also foster competition, persuade adult consumers of beer to try particular brands, and maintain customer loyalty.

In order to achieve that objective, television commercials for beer have been collected in all three countries. To achieve high prices, you need both rarity AND demand from collectors.

Mid Level Collectible Advertising Trays: We respond quickly to all inquiries. High End Collectible advertising trays are those that advanced and experienced collectors are actively looking for. Another fraction is content with the fact that the basic needs may well be the same around the world, however the way in which these needs are met and satisfied differs from culture to culture.

As with all types of collectibles, condition is king. Brewers strongly oppose abuse or inappropriate consumption of their products.An excellent addition to any advertising collection or if you just want to own a really neat old sign.

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Vintage Beer Signs

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Blatz Beer Signs

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Beer advertising values
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