Britain of evacuation in world war two essay

Evacuation uncovered many social ills and did not entirely protect children from trauma. I think that the source helps me answer if evacuations was a good experience for some children. The introduction of payments was also a last resort for the government, because many people in the country were not used to looking after children and many had never met a city child before.

And there was a lavatory upstairs.

Britain Evacuation in World War Two

I think that the source was made for educational reasons, it shows much more information than a text book and you can get more involved with it. They may also of been told that they should look happy because they were going on a big and wonderful adventure.

How to cite this page Choose cite format: I would imagine he did this to educate people about the evacuations. As quoted from source And something called an eiderdown. They were horrified by their ignorance — for instance, many were amazed to find out that milk came from a cow.

It is also an informative source, providing information about the government allowance for host families and how much money Britain of evacuation in world war two essay accepted for each evacuee.

As it was written many years after the war, I think bits would have been forgotten or missed out. The country was different to city life. They had to give money to the evacuees. This source is a secondary source because it was created by Bernard Kops in his book years after it happened.

The hosts would of possibly looked at the evacuees as a burden who run wild, are rude and smell bad. But there were some children who would get homesick or not enjoy themselves. By looking at this source it is visible to me why the government were encouraging evacuation for children.

The source tells us that not all evacuees were bad but it does not tell us if these particular evacuees were always good. Families gathered at railway stations. The mothers would also like the evacuation because they would benefit. As we can see from the photo evacuation was important because of the danger of being bombed in a city.

I think this is a biased source because it is Jim Woods opinion.

Britain of evacuation in World War Two Essay

It was probably written to educate children and tell them facts about the war as well as having a story behind it with some made up points to keep it entertaining, we can tell this because of the way in which it is written. By looking at source 9 which is a secondary source written later after the war, I can see that the evacuees obviously liked there evacuation areas.

Some children were evacuated again the next year and some stayed in the country for the whole of the war. The book says that the children left the carer Miss Evans, feeling guilty after telling her they had no slippers when she had asked if they could put them on.

This changed throughout the war, with it being compulsory at times. The evacuees often changed the hosts lives for the better. The government may of wanted a picture like this so that they could send it around, and show parents, so that they would then want to send there children away to safety.

Some were filthy and naughty. The source tells us what it was like as a teacher walking down to the station to board the train, it tells us what the children and parents were doing murmuring it then says they were to worried to talk…I agree with this, they would have been.

The government made sure evacuation happened as soon as possible because they expected that Germany would send its bombers over… The government knew that cities would be bombed, and thought that gas would be used. More essays like this: It may of made them think that he or she knew a lot on the war and would be good for the job.

Source F, a film based on the bombing in London was produced by John Boorman in after the war. This was created for the readers of readers digest magazine for an article on daily life on the home front.

Some host families were even paid to look after these children. Country people found the city children hard to cope with.

Evacuation in Britain during World War II - Assignment Example

I think depending on your views of the photo it can be biased because it is only showing the what the German bombers have done to Britain but not showing the destruction that Britain have caused to Germany. As you can see from source 14 the lady tells us that the people staying with not only make the dreary war tolerable but often make it enjoyable.In World War II, millions of children were evacuated into the surrounding countryside of Great Britain.

Whether they liked it or not, millions of families would have to look after a child, maybe more throughout the war. Free Essay: “The evacuation of children in World War Two was a great success.” How far do the sources you have used support this interpretation of evacuation.

Evacuation in Britain during World War II - Assignment Example On In Assignment Sample World War II was the most widespread war in history, and countries involved mobilized more than million military personnel.

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ESSAYS, term and research papers available for UNLIMITED access. Discuss the experiences of evacuees during World War 11 and consider what problems they, their families and their hosts experienced.

Brown () believes the seeds of the Evacuation came from World War 1 when the bombing. The Evacuation of British Children During World War Two Essay - Reasons Leading to the Evacuation of Children from Britain's Major Cities Early in World War Two The evacuation of Britain's cities at the start of World War Two was the biggest and most concentrated mass movement of people in Britain's history.

Britain of evacuation in world war two essay
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