Cervical cancer screening essay

This would help to reduce infection and death rates significantly. Original studies with Gardasil showed it to be very effective in preventing infection by four common HPV types 6, 11, 16, and 18 in young people who were not previously infected with HPV.

Further, I would explore the question on how to raise awareness about cervical cancer. Gardasil is also approved for use in males aged 9 to 26, and the CDC recommends Gardasil for all boys aged 11 or 12 years, and for males aged 13 through 21 years Cervical cancer screening essay did not receive the full three vaccination series.

Symptoms and Treatment Many women usually die because they only realize this disease when it is too late for it to be controlled.

Cervical Cancer Symptoms, Signs, Causes, and Prognosis

During the Pap test, the doctor will use a plastic or metal instrument, called a speculum, to widen your vagina. Unlike decision trees, which represent sequences of events as a large number of complex pathways, Markov models involve simpler and more flexible sequencing of outcomes, including recurring outcomes, through time.

Find out if you qualify. When noticed in early stages, the cancer can be controlled through chemotherapy and a drug known as bevacizumab Wiloo It assesses the net cost of a project or service relative to the outcomes generated.

In most cases, treatment prevents cervical cancer from developing. CEAs of cervical screening between vaccinated and unvaccinated cohorts with no explicit analysis of different screening methods within the vaccinated cohort and only minor variations in the sensitivity analysis were not included.

Cervical Cancer

There are 2 types of preventive measures available to reduce incidence and mortality from cervical cancer: Conclusion In most western countries, cervical cancer is nowadays highly preventable because people are now able to go for screening tests and vaccines to prevent human papillomavirus infections Wiloo Pap tests can detect precancerous conditions of the cervix, so they can be monitored or treated in order to prevent cervical cancer.

This kind of targeted therapy is sometimes used for advanced cervical cancers. Properly followed APA format. As with any cancer diagnosis, emotional support from family, friends, clergy, a counselor, or support group can help you and your family learn about the illness and cope with the diagnosis and effects of treatment.

If your result is normal, your doctor may tell you that you can wait five years until your next screening test. This helps the doctor examine the vagina and the cervix, and collect a few cells and mucus from the cervix and the area around it. If you are getting a Pap test, the cells will be checked to see if they look normal.

Trained cancer information specialists are available via phoneemail, or live chat. Vaccination should occur before sexual activity to offer the full benefit of the vaccine. This method provides internal validity, while the main limitation is that the results may suffer from external generalizability Primary Prevention — Vaccines: The economic impact of screening HPV vaccinated populations is analytical information that health policy makers require for the formulation of effective, evidence-based strategies.Two screening tests can help prevent cervical cancer or find it early— The Pap test (or Pap smear) looks for precancers, cell changes on the cervix that might become cervical cancer if they are not treated appropriately.; The HPV test looks for the virus (human papillomavirus) that can cause these cell killarney10mile.com tests can be done in a doctor’s.

Cervical Cancer - Cervical cancer malignant cancer of the cervix uteris or cervical area. It may present with vaginal bleeding but symptoms may be absent until the cancer is in its advanced stages, which has made cervical cancer the focus of intense screening efforts using the Pap smear.

Cervical cancer and pregnancy Cervical cancer is a clinical challenge especially when it is diagnosed during pregnancy (Collins ). Once the cancer expert has identified one has the cancer, known the stage and the extent of invasive cervical cancer, a multidisciplinary approach is always required.

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The study "HPV Screening for Cervical Cancer in Rural India" indicated that HPV testing was the most objective and reproducible of all other cervical screening tests.

It seems to be a good study with well designed methodology and reliable results and conclusions, but it was criticized by R Marshall and Chengquan. Cervical cancer is the fourth most common malignancy affecting women worldwide, accounting for nearly 10% of all cancers (excluding non-melanoma skin cancers) and aboutdeaths annually (% of all female cancer deaths) (1).

Cervical cancer is highly preventable in most Western countries because screening tests and a vaccine to prevent human papillomavirus infections are available.

What Should I Know About Screening?

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Cervical cancer screening essay
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