Collaboration and collaborationism in vichy france

It was among the many compromises that the government engaged along the way. Yet in Augustwhen France was liberated, General Charles de Gaulle, recognised leader of the French forces, was asked to proclaim the restoration of the Republic. OUP, ; Robert O. The latter expression is mainly used to describe individuals enrolled in pseudo-Nazi parties, often based in Paris, who had an overwhelming belief in fascist ideology or were simply anti-communists.

When examining all things to do with Vichy we must consider the date, and with it the course of both the war and the Vichy regime.

Vichy France, Collaboration and Resistance by Chris Millington

He gave his name to the high-profile government collaborator, now known as a Quisling. An internal border, known as the Demarcation Line, separated the two zones. The Forced Labour Service is a prime example. Newspapers served as a source of information and of moral support, urging the population to help patriots and containing debates about the future of France.

They were not confident in an English victory, therefore, if collaboration could win concessions for France then why not? This rejection of collaboration though was neither general nor immediate. What did he mean? France[ edit ] In France, a distinction emerged between the collaborateur and the collaborationniste.

Finally, if we no longer accept that the French resisted en masse, is there a danger of replacing the resistance myth with a collaboration myth?

As for Vichy, the regime in was much different to the regime in Vinen, The Unfree French: He argues that from winter most of the French population wanted victory for England and were sceptical or hostile to the policy of collaboration. Germany wanted to keep the Empire out of Allied hands and Hitler believed the best solution was for France to defend the Empire itself.

What about the men and women who contributed to the resistance in a meaningful way but who were not on membership lists, who were not killed, who were not deported or arrested? Such apathy gave Vichy a broadly compliant public support base.

This was the first mass public demonstration of discontent. Apart from the practical obstacle of the demarcation line, the different conditions in the Occupied and Unoccupied zones complicated matters. Some resisters were suspicious that de Gaulle was not committed to the restoration of democracy in France.

This speech is taken as the beginning of the French resistance — it has acquired huge symbolic importance, and a plaque with part of the speech on it can be found today under the Arc de Triomphe in Paris, near to the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier Yet in Junefew French actually knew who de Gaulle was, let alone listened to his speech.

He stated that France had lost the battle but not the war. Laval was a former deputy and had been prime minister for a time during the thirties.Collaboration, itself was an official Vichy government policy, first mentioned in Article Three of the Armistice and later solidified on the 24th October at the meeting between Hitler and Maréchal Pétain at Montoire.

Apologists of Vichy and of Pétain have declared that the policy of collaboration was imposed upon Vichy by Germany. Vichy and Collaboration Dr Karine Varley, University of Strathclyde Outline Functioning of Vichy regime Vichy uses defeat to reshape France But – not always clear division between collaborationism and collaboration for reasons of state.


When one discusses Vichy France and collaboration and resistance, I believe it is essential to reconize that France had a population of 40 million people and between and 2 million of the men of fighting age were in Germany in POW camps.

Vichy France, Collaboration and Resistance: A lecture by Chris Millington for second year undergraduates, Following the armistice in JuneFrance was divided into several zones: a small zone in the north-east of France known as the ‘forbidden zone’, an Occupied Zone in the North (which included the Atlantic coastline) and an.

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Collaboration and Collaborationism in Vichy France

Essay on Collaboration and Collaborationism in Vichy France Words | 3 Pages the Occupation Historians have been astute in ascertaining that an understanding of the differences between ‘collaboration’ and ‘collaborationism’ is intrinsic to an understanding of the Vichy Regime as a whole.

Collaboration and collaborationism in vichy france
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