Composer research paper

Correct form of bibliography min. Complete an outline for your composer paper. Students will share their answers to these questions in a small group discussion.

Intro 1 paragraph composer name and two pieces to be discussed, spell out how your paper will be organized. Before the beginning of the research project, each Composer research paper will pick 3 composers that they wish to learn more about and I will choose which of the composers they research from there.

Crediting of sources in text of paper using proper style 6.

Music Research Papers

All papers must be words in length body of text, not including bibliography, title page, footnotes, etc. Choose one composer from one of the music periods covered in class. You can see the selected websites under the Music Websites tab to the left. After gathering information on their individual composer, each student will make a TouchCast that they will present to the class.

Clarinet Concerto in A Major Genre: Overview of primary works list just a few major works, you may include works you are not covering later in the paper section V are your observations using musical terminology V.

General Music 6

Overview of primary works -Bowen wrote over works for the piano before he was 40 years old, including 4 piano concertos. See the college library website http: After listening to your two selections, include commentary within your paper to support why this composer is remembered, what innovative compositional techniques he or she originated or excelled in using, what it is about the composer and their music that makes them important, and how he or she made a lasting impact on the history of music.

Please do not use the class textbook. At the end of the listening, the students answer the three questions: Correct spelling, usage of words, overall neatness Points will be subtracted for lack of source citations or for insufficient paper length words.

Clarinet Concerto Two Sources: Conclusion 2 paragraphs-one basically saying the same as your intro, talk about the basic style of your composer, in the 2nd paragraph tell us a general response or summary of your findings, what you learned or discovered Sample outline Homework: Research is done on the internet from a selection of safe websites I have chosen ahead of time and from a variety of other materials I have available.

What instrument s did you hear? Composer Paper Assessment Criteria:Composer’s impact or influence on the period, general style, what they are known for IV. Overview of primary works (list just a few major works, you may include works you are not covering later in the paper). Composer: Introduction: A few important achievements that separate him/her from the rest.

Justification - why write about this composer now? Early Life; When and where born Parents / family Early indications of talent/genius composer paper outline Author: ALAN SCOTT Created Date.

Baroque Composers research papers discuss the many composers that made up Baroque music during Between and Baroque Architecture research papers discuss the European Architecture that began in the late 16th century.

Composer Research Paper Alternate Assignment You must complete this assignment on your own time. Assignment Write a research paper on a composer. Composer Research Paper This paper will be written in two sections: Part I - a biography of the composer’s life and Part II - an analysis of one of the composer’s major works.

You are expected to write in correct essay format with indented paragraphs, complete sentences, and error-free grammar. You will choose a composer to research from this list (composer list).

After completing research on your composer, you will answer questions on a planning sheet, write a paper and then make a visual aid to present to the class and play a composition written by the composer.

Composer/Research Paper

This project will be broken down into.

Composer research paper
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