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Finding it hard to motivate yourself? Three students appreciated Dissertations on mentoring and positive reinforcement or gentle criticism from their mentors because they were working at a distance and found it motivating.

In this way, the programme aims to complement the role of your supervisor and of other specilist support services. This was a small sample and these findings are specific to the context and culture of the online program and the institution. Without registering, you can work independently on a growing number of excellent online sites.

Did it help or hinder you in any way? Themes in the findings specific to the online mentoring of dissertations that were uncovered are discussed in the context of prior research on best practices for dissertation supervision.

Students in our study found it difficult to stay motivated, to write, and to consistently work on their dissertations when working full-time and dealing with family commitments. Themes Common to all Doctoral Programs Findings from our study revealed that the expectations, challenges, Dissertations on mentoring experiences of doctoral students in face-to-face and online doctoral programs during the dissertation stage are quite similar.

The Review of Higher Education, 27 3 While the findings may be of interest to other educators, readers will need to determine those connections.

They communicated with peers, adhered to firm deadlines, and read the work of other scholars to stay motivated. Students provided examples of how this helped them in multiple situations where the mentor reassured, advised, or suggested alternatives to their problems. Except for a group of three students for whom the mentor structured and facilitated small group online support, other students who graduated initially did not necessarily support each other online during the dissertation process.

Transactional distance between instructors and students Moore, in distance education can be reduced by both dialog and structure. Cilesiz notes that phenomenology is an ideal framework for qualitative study within the field of educational technology, as experiences with technology are an important area of inquiry.

This research focused on the lived online dissertation mentoring experiences of nine graduate students who recently graduated from an online doctoral program. The authors created taxonomies for the codes which led to the development of overarching themes by looking within and across the taxonomies to discover themes and relationships Hatch, The programme runs twice a year January-May and July-November.

These findings indicate that a variety of mentoring modalities are useful to guide students through the dissertation process in the online environment. This programme is designed and delivered by Dr Kay Guccione.

Three students who had the same mentor believed they finished their dissertations ahead of others in their program because their mentor scheduled regular check-in sessions as a group, and also encouraged them to read each others work, provide each other feedback, and to take ownership of not only their own work but that of their peers.

Cognitive competence, to foster an intellectual environment of critical analysis and reflective practice. Students then worked on their dissertation at a distance under the guidance of one of four faculty members whose professional experience or research interests matched their own.

Educational Technology Research and Development, 59 4 Students found it valuable to use screen-sharing to share their data with their mentors and to discuss qualitative or quantitative analysis and results as part of the dissertation development process.

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One student mentioned that she often got immediate but very brief feedback from one mentor. I had a pretty complicated data analysis, and actually struggled with that. In this case, the lived experiences focused on the students working on a doctoral dissertation from a distance and the strategies that emerged from that experience.

Students in the online program were full-time employees with families and stated that the structure provided by mentors enabled them to better manage their time, remain on track, and work with peers to support each other.

This study explored e-mentoring strategies utilized in an online doctoral program in order to further develop e-mentoring best practices.

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And then at the end, she would provide some further feedback and then kind of send us back to the drawing board and do it again Schichtel argues that the facilitation of mentee technical competence is also a responsibility of the mentor.

Implementing research at a distance from the university: Dissertations at a Distance: This indicates that certain challenges faced by doctoral students transcend the format of the program in which they are enrolled.

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Students reflected that it was easy to become demotivated or feel disconnected from academic work as an online student. The supervision of doctoral dissertations using a collaborative cohort model. The results are useful to all faculty engaged in doctoral education as well as all students who use online communication tools to work with their graduate supervisors or mentors during the dissertation stage of their doctoral studies.

Structure provided by the mentor: A longitudinal study of mentoring and doctoral student outcomes. What role did the online environment play in this process? How are doctoral students supervised?I’m Dr.

Guy, creator and founder of The Dissertation Mentor® Training. I teach doctoral students how to finish their dissertations so they can graduate.

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The University of Toledo The University of Toledo Digital Repository Theses and Dissertations Mentoring: what organizations need to know to. The Thesis Mentoring programme can help. It pairs you for 4 months with an experienced post-doctoral researcher who is trained in the skills of mentoring.

Dissertations on mentoring
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