Doing my hair at cecica

Worth a try if you are into tarts! I probably would try the sweet ones the next time! Granted, my eyes were not that small but the amount of eyeliner I used for it to be seen is actually kind of amazing. Yay us with our new hairdos hehe. Anyway my hair was really damn cui, the boss was shaking his head as the touched the ends of my hair.

I also tried the other famous porridge place - Bonjuk but was really disappointed with it.

At this point, I am pretty sure my stomach has stopped functioning and I was super duper full but boy, was I happy: Because cui hair need treatment.

The white shirt dude walking towards me is the boss hahaha. Walk down straight from Olleh G — it goes slightly downslope from here. I guess porridge digest quite fast lolol. In fact, I had about 3 pieces then gave in and ordered another set of Honey Chicken which I promptly finished with Chang.

After my second perm by Jei Sept I think her hair still looks pretty healthy right?

This was also the same day that I had 3 hearty meals and plenty of snacks in between. I am pretty sure this is why body mists are selling so well in Korea.

It is a really pretty place and the ambience was lovely: Also, one plate of chicken can fit 2 pax pretty well so you can ignore the sides. I have been curling it daily when I go out but I think nothing beats freshly blown hair and the volume you get with it. Alight the train and take the very long escalators up.

These consultation tables also act as a divider between the cashier and more seats where you do your hair.

Doing My Hair at Cecica Hair Salon and How to Get There

The landmark to look out for will be CU, a convenience store at the junction. The chocolate drink was GOOD but the churros It is modeled after my own paperbag pleated skirt that I have in wine except that was much shorter and had no lining. Right in the center facing the main door is the consultation area — many tables with laptops and magazines so that you can flip for inspiration.

Koreans have this particular hair treatment called manicure — it has the same meaning as a nail manicure — a coating over the hair strand to help hold the colour pigments better.

Alternatively, Jei has her own scrapbook of hairstyles.

Snipped off quite alot of my hair and he kept asking me if I was okay with it. Finally time for the perm!! She insisted on a hair treatment they call it clinic and hair cut chop of inches. Boss said can last 10 months i hope so.May 24,  · Try Jei of Switch Zone – updated 24 May This entry was posted on May 24,Hello!

i had my hair done at cecica and i loved it! thanks for the awesome recommendation!

Cecica Hair

i even showed Jei yr picture and told her you recommended Cecica and she remembers you! Breakfast first before doing hair. BONJUK! At Ewha. After breakfast, we initially wanted to walk around and compare prices of the different salons before deciding which one to go to but I kinda had my sights set on Cecica Hair because of reviews I've read online + recommendations from friends.

Nov 23,  · Search This Blog. Posts about Cecica Hair. I change my mind last minute and go to Cecica instead of Juno Salon (a lot off ppl comment too exp there) Nettie Ng is at Cecica Hair. Sp S on S so S red S · January 30 · Seoul, South Korea ·/5(20). Jul 24,  · the kimchi diaries part two I spent the next day doing my hair and eating/eating/eating.

Hello V, i didn't perm my hair, i just had a haircut and asked them to blow it inwards:) I did it at Cecica Hair at Edae, they charge won for a cut, wash and blow dry which is rather affordable! Author: missypixie. Doing My Hair at Cecica Hair Salon and How to Get There By Beautifulbuns One thing I learned from Korean culture is to give good fan service – instead of simply recommending Cecica Hair Salon and my stylist Jei to you, I’ve gone a step further to do up a blog entry on how you can get to Cecica.

Doing my hair at cecica
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