Feasibility study on laundry business

Feasibility Study of a Laundry Business Essay Sample

Research Methodology This part of the study will include the capitalization, research design, research environment, research instruments, respondents, data gathering procedures and treatment of data.

We have now the most modern laundry equipment which we call the tunnel washers. Theoretical Background The study involves the establishment of a laundry shop in Tanjay City. Basically clothes are made of different materials such as silk, cotton, sertin, nylon and wool and each of them serve different purposes for the comfort ability of human.

Will the proposed project be feasible from, marketing aspects point of view. A generator of 1. Most of our materials used in washing are available in the market but being indigenous we patronize those home made products because they are more chapter and have no infringement on our customers cloths.

The research is a very tiring process and this will teach them the value of patience and perseverance. Scope and Limitations of the Study This study will determine the feasibility and sustainability of operating a laundry business in Tanjay City.

In that study, we found out that it was then viable to start a laundry business. Many Tanjayanons with a busy lifestyle will be provided with the easiest way of cleaning their weekly laundry at their own place, at their own time.

You can order for good irons here from between 9, — 50, naira.

Laundry & Dry Cleaning Business Plan In Nigeria Feasibility Study

The sustainability of this project will be given prior attention and emphasis for further opening of creative markets that will also contribute to the economic development of the city. This also includes fabric conditioners and soaps for one month use excluding water and electricity.

They as covering for the named body down to give beauty even to represent an occasion or organization. Analyse Your Target Market 3. Inefficient Iron could cause more trouble than gain by raking havoc on people cloth.

Brahms Laundry services helps to bridge the gap in not just looking good in the clothes you have but making them look smart on you and extend their life span because everything both living and non-living has life span.

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The business services industry is a new market strategy for economic development that will strengthen the local economic programs of Tanjay City. Man wants and wants: Laundry is still done this way in some less industrialized areas and rural regions of the world.


Here, in much earlier times, lived men whose relics and artifacts, dating back to AD and the 12th century Sung Dynasty have turned up in recent excavations were said to have ventured perhaps in the area we now know as Tampi in Amlan.

That way, maliit lang ang water treatment nakakailanganin mo diyan. Washing basins are needed for hand washing. Shop opens daily at 7: Will the proposed project be feasible from, management aspects point of view. The Filipinos gifted with character-trait which makes them adapt naturally to any kind of situation, be it a calamitous one.

Tourism Tanjay City is also known for its Tourism Program which started in the late s. Location of your Laundry shop matters alot, Startup will have a better chance at success if you identify an area, neighborhood where the standard of living is average and above average.

Thus on June 11,the mission of Tanjay was founded. In addition, microfinance is one of the main strategies and has proven to be an effective tool in alleviating poverty. Lahat ng pinaglabahan tini-treat naming, para paglabas sa canal, tama ang temperature, tama ang acidity, wala ng amoy, walang dumi, clear ang color.

For some busy folks, our job demands so much from us that we would rather come home to rest than do the laundry. Employment opportunities are scarce for those who live in the urban areas, for the youth who are unskilled and inexperienced, and for those whose education does not match industry needs.

It is characterized by a relatively wet season from May to February and dry season from March to April.

A Feasibility Study On Laundry Business

This is a business plan sample January is the humid month while April is the least humid period. Environmental impact Before going into the business, the entrepreneur should think about being environmentally friendly. His report upon returning to Cebu prompted Fray Andres de Urdaneta to visit the island, landing in what is now Escalante in.

It will also help other business entities to cut cost for laundry washing expenses.This is a business plan sample. We can write a Feasibility study / Business Plan for that business you want to venture in; a Business proposal for that bank loan / grant you want to collect to start your business.


feasibility study reportdry cleaning & laundry business 12/18/ intelligent data limited omolekan, olushola used in drain /5(5). Laundry & Dry Cleaning Business Plan In Nigeria Feasibility Study. LAUNDRY SERVICES BUSINESS PROPOSAL. PART I. EXECUTIVE SUMMARY of the Laundry / Dry cleaning business plan / proposal –.

The following report and recommendation relate to the proposal by LAUNDRY Nigeria SERVICES to establish a Laundry & Dry. Feasibility Study-Laundry Services. Download. It is recommended that an extensive study for other aspects of the business feasibility is conducted and the execution of the marketing program developed accords to what really satisfies the market.

Dry cleaning/Laundry Business Plan in Nigeria is one of the many lucrative business in Nigeria that requires a lot of strategic planning from the part of prospective entrepreneurs to killarney10mile.comy Business Plan in Nigeria Commercial Soap Making Business Plan In Nigeria PDF/ Feasibility Study Manual; Business Plan Nigeria Writing Contest.

Feasibility study on laundry business
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