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To further get an accurate picture of how many animals are victims are subject to animal cruelty or abuse a year the FBI added a cruelty to animals category to the Uniform Crime Report in January of But just 11 years ago in Rwandapeople were killed in genocide with little or no intervention from the United States or any other country.

I have read your book, and I believe that you mushy-minded moralists should be awakened to the facts. In the long run, you may not be just helping one person but multiple people. In his article Hallie talks about a letter he received from someone from Massachusetts.

No person could start it: The active involvement of the community on animal cruelty also helps prosecutors and law enforcement officers to target crimes against animals, potentially saving lives of hundreds if not thousands of animals. People often forget others and become very engrossed in their own problems.

It is From cruelty to goodness essay a way of explaining why these outrageous events occurred.

Kindness: An essay written by my 15-year-old daughter

Hallie feels that goodness accomplishes this and is something positive. Something should have been done and action should have been taken but were not. So is selfishness along with cruelty. Everyone is capable of being kind. In recent years the reality of animal cruelty has become something not as hidden as it once was to the masses.

However, kindness overpowers all.

Animal Cruelty Essay Sample

With the watchful eye of friends, family, and neighbors there is a greater chance of saving an innocent animal from a life of abuse and cruelty.

They saved the lives of over 6, people, mostly Jewish children whose parents had been killed in the death camps. Kindness should come automatically. Kindness is like the spark from a match that creates a forest fire.

Your most important reward is knowing how much you just helped someone in need. If it was not forced, but a habit. What can be done? Animals subjected to either form of animal cruelty suffer a horrible fate.

Following these devastating acts the United Nations said they would not let genocide like the concentration camps ever occur again. The forest is a forest of anger, selfishness, and cruelty. This would change the world. Nothing happened in Le Chambon, nothing of any importance whatsoever.

He uses slavery and the Nazi death camps as examples or the powerful majority institutionalizing the weak minority. Everyone has experienced difficult times at one time or another when things were not going well and needed an act of kindness to brighten up their day.

Genocide & Cruelty

They forget to provide them with adequate food and water which can lead to starvation and dehydration. This should not be a question. Hallie recalls reading a story about Le Chambon and what it meant to him and his research on cruelty and goodness.

We can go back and look at the United States and their use of slaves from Africa. It should be common rather than a rarity. Your people and the people they saved simply do not exist Hallie, Individuals wanting to help with animal cruelty can report suspected animal abuse or neglect to the authorities.

Pet owners, regardless of the type of animal, neglect to give the pets they are entrusted with the basics needed for their survival.

You sentimentalists have got to learn that the great masses and big political ideas make the difference. Keri is one of the kindest people I know, and I am so grateful she is my daughter.From Cruelty to Goodness by Phillip Hallie.

Philip Hallie (b. ) is a professor of philosophy at Wesleyan University. His published works include The Paradox of Cruelty () and Lest Innocent Blood Be Shed (). Quotations on Cruelty will make your essay or term paper stand out! Find the most suitable quotation in our database.

but love of power is not connected with goodness but with qualities that are the opposite of goodness, such as pride, cunning and cruelty». This Research Paper Genocide & Cruelty and other 64,+ term papers, Ð"'From Cruelty to Goodness.Ð"" Hallie refers a small town in France where goodness overcame cruelty.

This example contrasts the Jews and Gypsies in the death camps where Ð"'Here were the weakest of the weak. Essay Preview. prev next. Report this essay. Similar.

Feb 29,  · Animal cruelty must stop! Report Abuse. I have a question im doing an essay on animal abuse. why are most animal.

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From Cruelty to Goodness, by Phillip Hallie, is available in many different places. If one is interested in seeing the document in its original form, rather than analyzed here, it can be found in any good reference book about ethics.

Goodness must directly oppose cruelty;ss must directly oppose cruelty; a smile or bit of bread from an SS guard or slave-master cannot dissipate cruelty. Hallie writes about the people of the French village of Le Chambon who saved the lives of about 6, people, mostly Jewish children whose parents had been killed in gas chambers and killing /5(1).

From cruelty to goodness essay
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