How to write a music artist press release

Your personal use of press releases will depend in large part on your media contacts, the types of content you typically produce, and your level of recognition within your community.

The copy below may not be as "dry" as some larger newspapers prefer. Why a Press Release? Follow up with each media outlet a week or so later to see if they received it and if they need more information or would like to schedule an interview.

Include where you are from, and summarize your artwork — medium, style, etc. Do not, however, let this lull you into being excessively flexible about the parameters of the text.

Journalists will often pull sentences, quotes or whole paragraphs from the body of your release to use in their articles, so make sure your writing is tight, interesting, and relevant to the angle of your press release.

You also want to be getting in touch with independent blogs and magazines to show off your rise and your growth. Relevant information In addition, Zinezine.

How to Write an Effective Press Release

Many free press release submission services exist online. Do proofread Reread each sentence for typos and grammar errors.

How to Write a Press Release for Your First Solo Art Show

Think about your exhibition—does it have an unusual theme? Include a personal message along with the press release, especially when submitting by email. By turns, he picks a mountain banjo to accompany an ancient ballad, sings a witty song about modern life, plays a sweet Irish melody on guitar, swings a hot jazz number, and then reaches deep for a soulful expression of values in a troubled world.

Other perspectives will make you sound more reliable, and the reader will see you as an artist of interest. Stay tuned for upcoming Gallery Insights editions, including Part 3 of our Art Fairs series, a special edition on selling to tech collectors, and a mini course on SEO for galleries. The next two paragraphs should describe the show in more detail.

It may sound funny to advise avoiding self-promotion in a document that is meant solely to promote an event or happening, but the tone of your press release is critical to its success.

Instead of just sending it out to every publication and website that you visit, create a targeted media list with the main contacts, email addresses, areas of interest so you know who to send the press release to when the time comes.

The easiest way to do this part is to get someone else to write it for you, or you can rewrite a section from your bio. An artist created a series of painting on the backs of packing crates salvaged from a local yard that has gone out of business.

This could include a link to your online portfolio or website, or a note saying that more images are available upon request.

There are no rules for choosing an image, but it is usually good to choose a piece which is representative of the entire show either visually or thematically. When writing any article, the reporter has to draw in their readers right away, and grab their attention.

With this in mind, be sure to include all of the relevant details in your press release. It should make the reader interested in knowing more - but try to avoid a hyped title. The first step in learning how to write a press release for music is simply knowing when to use a press release. Have them well categorized and labelled accordingly.

Hiring an Outside Writer Ask the artist who he or she would like to write the press release. Keep your press release simple, straightforward, and visually appealing.

He tops it all with a fiddle tune or old Carter family song -- all skillfully blended into a seamless flow. Write the press release in third person.

Include your logo, your name or studio name and contact information. Search for free press release websites. Imagine you are reporting about yourself. The reason for this is, again, that a press release is a professional document. Make their work as easy as possible by making your information thorough and easy to find from a quick glance at the page.

But, if you find yourself in an exhibition with no promotional machine at work already, you need to make sure that your show gets the attention it deserves.

Cheaper than ads — Distributing a strong press release that gets picked up by multiple outlets and publications can be way more effective and cheaper than buying ads.

Be open to approaching freelance writers at the blogs and publications you read and respect, and those in dialogue with your program. To increase the odds that your PR will be read, get them to know who you are first.

In addition to being embarrassing, this is an excellent way to harm your reputation.How to Write an Effective Press Release. Don’t write a press release like you would an academic essay. Ask the artist who he or she would like to write the press release.

Often the artist will have someone in mind who is familiar and engaged with their work. Do not, however, let this lull you into being excessively flexible about the.

Press Kit Fundamentals – Press Release Writing Tips

Whether your press release is for your EPK, press kit, or blog, here are some tips from industry professionals on how to write a press release and get your music the attention it deserves. Don’t write a press release for everything. In an era where most up-and-coming independent hip-hop artists are just spamming links and flooding Twitter with their music, with no real promotion plan or marketing strategy, writing and distributing a press release can be the one tool that helps you stand out.

The music is ready for its public debut - now you just need to know how to write a press release. When you write a music press release, you need to "get in and get out" - in other words; you have to communicate all of the necessary information in a clear and engaging manner without overstaying your welcome with the reader.

How to Create a Press Release for your Art Exhibition

How to Write a Press Release for Your First Solo Art Show. One of the best ways to do this is by writing a press release about your show and sending it out to local media. where the sculptor has created forms based on the feelings invoked by the music.

An artist created a series of painting on the backs of packing crates salvaged from a. Artists who have written press releases have various styles and preferences in creating their own. This is a basic template you can go by, to write a press release .

How to write a music artist press release
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