How to write action class in struts 2 file upload

On submit, the file will be uploaded and saved on server. For example if the file attribute in action file is private File uploadedFile, the content type will be uploadedFileContentType and file name uploadedFileFileName.

It is not entirely a Struts2 arrangement document, but rather it is a record that should be designed for Struts2 to work. This is just to get some extra information of uploaded file.

Step 3 Write the View pages, like index. Content type of File which has been uploaded. We are using this path to save the uploaded file in execute method.

Copy and paste the following code to the FileUploadAction. Finally, the project structure should look like this: Note that the FileUpload Interceptor deletes the uploaded file automatically so you would have to save uploaded file programmatically at some location before it gets deleted.

Type xml into the search field, send select XML File in the list: This file gives a begin point to any web application. Next, let us create a simple jsp file success. Let us have our struts. String - the actual name of the file uploaded not the HTML name In the action class you can get the file, the uploaded file name and content type by just creating getter and setters.

Finally we will save all the uploaded files in a location. The variable fileUpload refers to the actual uploaded file. User will be sent to SuccessUserImage. Following is an example. In Project Explorer view, under WebContent, right click on upload. Copy and paste the following code into the upload.

The Struts 2 File Upload Interceptor is based on MultiPartRequestWrapper, which is automatically applied to the request if it contains the file element.

Struts 2 file upload example

Example Upload a file in the browser page and use the file property File type. Click Browse button to pick a file and click Upload.

In this interceptor we specify two parameters: Writing Example code to upload file Now we will write the code to upload the file on server. Configure Struts 2 We will create Struts configuration file, struts.

In the New Java Class dialog: The FileUpload interceptor makes three parameters available for you by default. By default is javax. In this example it will be "myFileFileName" The three parameters are available for us, thanks to the Struts Interceptors.

Struts 2 Annotation File Upload Example: Single and Multiple

The name should be ContentType and FileName. Copy following code into it. So you can tweak these parameters to suite your need in struts.

If there is error, when user has selected the file which is not allowed to upload, the page will be displayed with the file information. So let us create an index. Under src folder, right click on the package com.Struts 2 - Intercept an image file uploading with CKEditor. but to INTERCEPT that action of upload whatever it is AJAX request or Struts action or something else.

How to get filename selected from file dialog in jsp and struts action class? 0. How to display an image using tag in JSP. Struts2 Multiple File Upload Write code for action class.

Implement Struts 2’s action class in file as follows. Once file uploaded, struts 2 will stores the file with some temp name, its our responsibility to convert and save that file, see line numbers 39,40,41,42 in Action class of File Upload E xample. Hi, I am using the File Upload tag of struts filePath is the vaiable in action class Reviews: File uploading issue in struts 2.

Ask Question. When I upload a file and click submit button, returns action but does not reach the method in action class. This issue comes whether a file upload or not but when using encoding type as.

Struts 2 File Upload. In this section you will learn how to write program in Struts 2 to upload the file on the server. In this example we are also providing the code to save the uploaded file in any directory on the server machine.

Now we will write the code to upload the file on server. Action Class. In the action class we will define.

How to write action class in struts 2 file upload
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