Laudon mis12 chapter 02

What will you choose, and why? You have been hired to recommend the information systems Apex should implement in order to maintain their competitive edge. Can any be better coordinated through the use of information systems? The four major categories of information systems are: Which single tool would be the most helpful for the project, in your opinion, and why?

For instance, when a salesman takes an order, the major business functions of planning, production, inventory control, shipping, accounting, and customer relations will all be involved before the order is completed. Collaboration tools include 1 Internet-based collaboration environment; 2 E-mail and instant messaging; 3 Cell phones and smart phones; 4 Social networking; 5 Wikis; and 6 virtual Laudon mis12 chapter 02.

The various types of systems in the organization exchange data with one another. Business processes refer to the manner in which work activities are organized, coordinated, and focused to produce a specific business result.

Transaction processing systems, such as payroll or order processing, track the flow of the daily routine transactions that are necessary to conduct business.

You could query MIS to see average sales levels according to geography, location, and other factors to see if there are any specific factors affecting the sales. Decision-support systems DSS support management decisions when these decisions are unique, rapidly changing, and not specified easily in advance.

You might use DSS to see what factors could increase sales. You might query operational level TPS to make sure that the product is actually getting to the stores and being restocked.

The firm would like architects and draftspeople from different teams to be able to collaborate efficiently. Cross-functional processes are those that require input, cooperation, or coordination between the major business functions in an organization.

MIS for summaries of sales records to help pinpoint any other factors; ESS to check competition, and DSS for higher-level analysis to forecast possible solutions. Third, analyze the products in terms of their costs and benefits to the firm. The only information system used at Apex is an antiquated accounting system.

The business processes of a sandwich shop would include: Assuming that the faucets are being properly stocked at the stores, the most important systems to query are the managerial-level systems: They have more advanced analytical models and data analysis capabilities than MIS and often draw on information from external as well as internal sources.

For example, IT governance decides how decisions implementing and evaluating new systems are made, whether the IT function should be decentralized or centralized, who has power to create and manage systems, and what kind of ROI is expected from systems.

Then, seek the help of potential users to identify implementation and training issues. ESSs primarily receive data from lower-level systems. IT governance is the management of how the information systems function is organized and handled within the firm.

Next, identify any risks involved with using the product. What are the relationships among these systems? Secondly, for each block of the matrix that the firm is in, determine what solutions are available from which vendors.

They have limited analytical capabilities but can draw on sophisticated graphics software and many sources of internal and external information. Discuss what information you will retrieve from which system.

Student answers will vary. Information systems can help organizations achieve great efficiencies by automating parts of these processes or by helping organizations rethink and streamline them.

However, the company is having difficulty preparing for future growth. Identify six collaboration tools that are available to help the team work together. Although each of the major business functions has its own set of business processes, many other business processes are cross-functional. Taking orders, making sandwiches, selling to the customer, ordering supplies, opening the store, closing the store, cleaning the store, paying employees, hiring employees, paying creditors and vendors, creating financial statements, paying taxes, managing cash.

The Apex sales force is national, and Apex purchases about a third of its vacuum parts and materials from a single overseas supplier. Firms can become more flexible and efficient by coordinating and integrating their business processes to improve management of resources and customer service.

They also represent unique ways in which organizations coordinate work, information, and knowledge and the ways in which management chooses to coordinate work. IT governance includes the strategy and policies for using information technology within an organization.Start studying Laudon MIS Chapter 9.

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Laudon mis12 chapter 02
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