Maf 680 case 2

Besides of that reason, they also accountable to their wrong act because Section B 2 provided that the Board of Director BOD has all the power necessary for managing, directing and supervising the management of the business and affair of the company which subject to Companies Act, MOA and AOA.

The auditor recommended that an SOP be prepared and implemented. As they both are shareholder of Maf 680 case 2 company, therefore they were directly will be responsible for any problem arise due to wrong act of them, who abusing their power as directors. All decision were made and authorised Maf 680 Maf 680 case 2 2 either En.

Shareholders and directors are the main person included in a company. This because, they should follow the rules and procedure to make the loan for contract. The several assets purchased by the company were not recorded. A company is belongs to the shareholder.

Hashimah find the auditor to make and completed the audit financial statement Maf 680 case 2 the company. The company prepared the audited financial statement for the last two year before to meet the bank.

The audit report can be classified as qualified opinion report due to several unresolved issues. The examples are about the matters regarding powers of the registrar of the company, the power of the management and administration of the company and the power of the officers of the company and as well the important of accounting and auditing of the company.

Therefore the leaders will be always acts for the best interest of the company. The shareholders are also known as the members of the company, which are the owner of the company while the directors are officers of the company.

Cik Amy is has been assigned to numerous workloads and some of the works are not within her job description as a Finance Executive. When the auditor finish and complete audited report but it is qualified report because have many document not complete and not clear. First, several over payments were made during the year to the Trade Creditors totaling RM50, Non-reconcile payments and collections noted for the period under review totaled RM, for year and RM, for year respectively.

As a conclusion, Encik Zayed try make negotiate with auditor to make the unqualified audit report, but the auditor have own their integrity and duty to make the audit. The unqualified audit report of the company is important to make sure their company is liable to get the loan, that mean to avoid from to lie and problem.

The auditor recommended that the company advise the respective Trade Creditors and request for Credit Notes. It is a example of abusing of power by the management of Delima Enterprise Sdn. Hashimah and personal vehicle expenses were charged to company. According to the problems faced in Delima Enterprise Sdn.

Several over payments were made during the year to the Trade Creditors totaling RM50, For example, Account Payables and Receivables should be assigned to different personnel. Next issue, Who should be held responsible and accountable according to the Delima Enterprise Sdn. The first issue, Were there any abuses of power by the management and breach of fiduciary on the part of the directors?

Then, Encik Zayed does not exercise his duties properly as to segregate management duties equally among the employees of the company that he may think fits to perform such duties. So in this case the all company document transaction must be recording with details, rightly and filing in safety place.

After that case, En. In other words, the directors have the power to deal with any particular matter including systems implemented for the management such as internal control systems of the company.

Then, In order to improve the leadership of the management, firstly, it is important to the directors understand their duties, responsibilities as well as their power toward the company. During the period of auditing process, the auditors find out and recommended are as follow.

Then, there are many problems faced by the auditors related to the internal control of the company.2 Case Study 2 the Pirates of the Silverland (Palm Oil Piracy) uploaded by.

vivek Slide Maf - Edited 4 Maf Chapter 3. uploaded by. anisaa_safri. johnsonturnaroundgroupphpapp uploaded by. Maf -Chicken Run Finl Script. uploaded by. Lyn Azlina. Case Study 2 Androids Under Attack.

MAF 680 a dilema case report Essay

Slide Chicken Run Case-MAF Final Year Accounting Student UiTM Shah Alam - Free download as Powerpoint Presentation .ppt /.pptx), PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or view presentation slides online. This is just an example. MAF INTEGRATED CASE STUDY-Delima. Uploaded by. Adriana Shamsudin.

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MAF 680 : Issues For Case Study 2 – Turning Around MAS

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- 2 principal shareholder and controlling directors: Encik Zayed and Puan Hashimah (Husband and wife) - Company submitted application for banking facilities and required company’s Audited Financial Statements for the last 2 years.

Oct 04,  · These are the outline given by Dr Maheran to discuss and present Case Study 2 - Turning Around MAS. Five Column Analysis 1 - Cash flow problem 2 - Cash flow opportunities 3 - Methods to generate cash flow 4 - Obstacles in generating cash flow 5 - Effect of balance sheet Discussion questions 1.

MAF a dilema case report. The Delima case about En - MAF a dilema case report introduction. Zayed and killarney10mile.comah set up the company Delima Enterprise Sdn Bhd in without experience and high education just until SMP certificate.

Maf 680 case 2
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