Mus 354 exam 2 f

Ringo, Harry and Keith return to the beach house, and Ringo notices his drums are set up differently because Paul had played them. A new section, at the same tempo but with a harder rock feel, begins as electric guitar states the upcoming verse melody.

Listen to the great harmonies throughout this song. Electric guitars play pickup notes as the intro starts, setting the tempo as bass, drums and a synth riff enters this medium slow groove. A sax through an effects processor states the verse melody to end the song.

MUS 354 Midterm: exam 2

Paul sings the next verse, with bird. A five-bar orchestral interlude featuring strings and horns enters. Sign up to view the full 24 pages of the document. More fun lyrics and catchy melody that earmark this song as Ringo sings another verse and chorus.

Paul and Wings rehearse for their planned trip to LA. All eyes are on John and Paul. The title line is shouted, then Paul sings the verse over a repeating bass note and rock band.

Instrumental interlude took a full day to rehearse record and synchronize with the track at A. John joins them to relax around the pool, and the last photo of John and Paul together is snapped. Paul and Linda show up again that morning. Paul, Linda and family head to LA for additional rehearsals, and Paul visits with John while on the coast.

Organ pads and sax ad-libs enter with the bass and drums, and Ringo sings the verse, a silly narrative over a loose blues form. Listen for the bass note slides, along with backup vocals, horns and acoustic piano fills.

The band enters as Paul sings in a higher register, including the title line in the lyrics during this narrative section. Interlude features freely sing back-up vocals, sax solo, acoustic piano, band and horns.

Gospel style rock song. Synths join in, playing sustained melodies over a repeat of this section. Background vocals by Martha are prominent. Paul gets the American visa.

John and Harry send flowers and an apology note to the Smothers Bros. Electric guitars and pounding rock and roll acoustic piano are featured in a short interlude.MUS Final Exam.

Note cards for our final exam in Music History. STUDY. PLAY. written in summer for Basel Chamber Orchestra; neotonal, F-sharp is tonal center, use of rhythmic palindromes and theme from fugue in an earlier movement; similar composer: Liszt.

Charles Ives - General William Booth Enters into Heaven. Study Arizona State University - Tempe Music flashcards and notes. Conquer your course and sign up for free today! music study guide ( shellans) mus elvis unit one (very detailed notes) mus elvis unit one (very detailed notes) Beatles.

Finance Exam I Review Questions Suggestions 1) Read chapters 1 – 5 and review the PPTs we covered in class. 2) Expect 5 or 7 short-answer questions General Questions – 1.

In class we reviewed three firms in three different countries. View Notes - mus Beatles Notes exam-2 from MUS at Arizona State University. Earl y -Pa ri s c once rt s -#1 U.S. hi t wi th "I Want to Ho ld You r Hand " -2/7 /64 - Bea tles a rr i ve%(26).

MUS The Beatles After the Beatles (Fall B ) You are signed in as: Zhijian Li Top of Form Sign Out Bottom of Form Home Classroom Exams/Assignments Grades Help Exam #2 Time Limit 50 minutes Starting Time pm Arizona time Top of Form 1 Tom Scott plays the _____ during this solo section.

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Mus 354 exam 2 f
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