Portrait of marten looten

His body language indicates that the viewer has just startled him; he is placing his right hand over his chest, much like someone would do if they had just been surprised. The right cheek is turned towards the viewer, and the figure has an almost identical facial expression.

The lips are painted with a wonderful shade of red, with high and low values used to indicate three-dimensionality.

From the Collection: Portrait of Marten Looten

Rembrandt could even be compared to the likes of Leonardo da Vinci and Titian in terms of technicality, perhaps even surpass them. It portrays a wealthy businessman, as indicted by the hat and cape, who has just read an important letter and is now facing the viewer, nothing more and nothing less.

The result of a specific lighting technique frequently used by Rembrandt, a small triangle is formed underneath the eyes. The entire background becomes progressively lighter in value going from the top of the composition downward.

All three of the previously mentioned portraits are similar in terms of style, particularly the Portrait of Dirck Pesser.

Marten Looten

It contains so much detail; it is hard to believe this painting was done by hand. The migration of numerous skilled artists to Amsterdam, particularly Rembrandt, made the city a sort of central hub for artist activity and business in Northern Europe.

He is holding an open, previously folded piece of parchment in his left hand, most likely a letter. Works Cited Broos, B. Rembrandt placed Marten directly in the center of the painting, in front of a rather plain background, with his entire body above the waist in sight.

With the use of oil paint, he was able to carefully and selectively layer color to create an astonishing representation of Portrait of marten looten human figure.

Living in such an environment, Rembrandt may have been inspired to do his best work on the piece, along with the fact that the painting was a paid commission.

He is also turning away from the viewer, ever so slightly, but in just a way that the viewer can recognize he possesses a fearful feeling. After struggling with his personal life and grieving over the death of his wife and son, Rembrandt passed away in It was produced during a period when art was becoming more accessible to the general public, so understandably portraits were in high demand.

Marten is looking directly at the viewer. Perhaps the most technically impressive aspect of the painting is its remarkable three-dimensionality. Perhaps the letter he had been reading brought an uneasy feeling upon him, and in that fragile state, the viewer unintentionally startled him.

Also present within the face is the famous Rembrandt triangle. Then again, a dapper and wealthy man would not want to be portrayed as weak and submissive, would he? Descriptions of even his simplest works could fill up pages. The whole image of Marten suggests tension.

The hands and face are painted with an exquisite and believable flesh color, with the hands having a more saturated tone to them.

The most alluring aspect of the piece, in terms of modeling technique, is the face. Considering Marten is reading a letter with his name written in rather large letters, we can assume that his status was quite high.

The Portrait of Marten Looten was most likely meant to be hung up in the home of its subject, Marten Looten. The physical size of the portrait is 36? His face, the most attractive feature of the painting, is placed just above the main horizontal axis, intensifying the attraction of the viewer.

His study of the human figure, especially facial expressions, is one of the main reasons why he is one of the most famous artists in history. More Essay Examples on Rembrandt Rubric The composition of the painting is more or less that of the traditional portrait style.

Considering how anatomically accurate all of his works are, it is no wonder his skills have been compared to the likes of Leonardo and Titian. The figure style resembles those of the High Renaissance; it boasts accurately proportioned body parts, intricately modeled shadows, and chiaroscuro.

The nose and cheeks have a lush, rosy pink added to them, indicating embarrassment or nervousness. Some of finest pieces of art have come from 17th century Holland, and even though The Portrait of Marten Looten is not among the most famous, it was still an important part of portrait development.

Even though the amount colors used in the portrait are very minimal, they are believable and make the piece comfortably appealing to the eyes. Rembrandt is well known for his strikingly accurate portrayal of human shape and form, and this painting lives up to such reputation.

The nearly pitch-black cape and hat force the face and hands outwards, yet they still retain a strong connection. The composition of the painting is near flawless, however Marten looks a bit stiff.

He may actually be stepping back a bit. Another technique that intensifies the three-dimensionality of the visible body parts is the use of strong contrast between them and the dark clothing.

Also remarkable parts of the piece are the fold marks of the parchment, which further amplify the realism of the portrait.Sep 10,  · Portrait of Marten Looten Portrait of Marten Looten, by Rembrandt, Letter from Rembrandt to Marten Looten (who is holding the letter, obviously).

Portrait of Marten Looten

LACMA So Far: Portrait of a Museum in the Making. San Marino, California: Huntington Library, Art Collections, and Botanical Gardens, The Portrait of Marten Looten is an extraordinary painting, commissioned by successful Dutch merchant Marten Looten himself in The painting is quite impressive.

Using oil paint on a wooden canvas, Rembrandt created. Marten Looten, by Rembrandt. Baroque. portrait. Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA), Los Angeles, CA, USArtist: Rembrandt.

The Portrait of Marten Looten is an show more content Also remarkable parts of the piece are the fold marks of the parchment, which further amplify the realism of the portrait. The physical size of the portrait is 36 ½ x 30 inches.

Christian Gutierrez Dr. Wendy Slatkin ART 19 November The Portrait of Marten Looten.

Portrait of marten looten
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