Related literature about automated registration system for colleges and universities

As ofIndia has 2 central university state universities, deemed universities, 5 institutions established and functioning under the state act, and 13institutes which are of national importance.

Gold Chager et al said that computer as a device for processing information knew computer plays a significant role in their lives, but few are aware of just how pervasive role is. Some of the computers in business are to perform accuracy, to be as productivity, to decrease bottle necks or hassles to alter cash flows or to simplify elevate your status.

This transformation has been driven partly by rapid technological innovation. The information systems used by organizations can be grouped into different types such as transaction processing system, management information system, decision support system, executive information system, expert systems and office information system.

The ability to update and maintain web applications without distributing and installing software on potentially thousands of client computers are key reasons for its popularity. The project involves a series of studies that covers all the requirements of creating a computerized enrolment system.

Alcaria explained that the use of computer are continue to grow, the need for a more timely information and data processing comes on demand keeping the records of any manual operations need the application of computer because handling it manually will only be conflicting.

A software development and IT service firm implemented its catalyst in Governor Andres Pascual College was integrated web platform to provide content management, transaction processing, marketing, and interactive community function to the two rice schools. For the mere fact that instead of doing things manually, with the use of computer technology everything is done faster.

The study of Lumberwhich is all about the systematic enrollment process using database in Saint John Academy, helps enrollment process increase its efficiency. The system is capable of receiving access, searching items, providing adequate information and data gathering.

It has also untimely and inefficient report generation. The Online Registration System is a method designed to perform the process involved in registration, advising, assessments, and payments of students as well as scheduling of classes in any educational institution.

The numerous transactions that the manual system covers, such as updating and adding student records, generating the advising and assessment slips, and the like considering the manual operating system to be inefficient for the need of the institution. Dzubeck, Frank, Inspired by the advancement of modern technology and the problems regarding enrollment transactions the proponents have come up with an online enrollment system exclusively for school with many enrollees.

Many manual transactions can be computerized by using software applications or computer systems to make work easier and efficient. While Gatonthe system allows students to choose courses they want to take with the available class schedules.

Other is that were problems on giving and announcing schedules of enrollees and cause for them to be late at their very first class. Local studies The technology today plays a vital role in our society. Mane mentioned that the creation of the computer made the easier to accomplish task than by doing it manually, to have the direct access on straightforward answer just monitoring record where in the needs of computer make possible for everyone to get data in a particular need.

We can consider that the computer is necessary and it is a productive tool for individual.

Information technology can give a company ready access to improve product and service quality, reduce costs, increase productivity in smallest time possible, and communication between employees and to make things with lesser effort but having a better output and even improve company morale.

Stair emphasized that the development of technology through the years have enabled us to do more with less effort. Reyes task would be time consuming to accomplish manually and more practical with the aid of computers field in cabinet.

While Hammersaid that computer could eliminate the need for copying and rearranging information, which was entered into system. It is a system that will help both the enrollment personnel-in-charge and the students to easily process the enrollment at a lesser time. Adamskigive some advantages of database processing first economy of scale getting more information from some amount of data, sharing data balancing conflicting requirement, enforcement of standard, controlled redundancy consisting integrity security ,flexibility and responsiveness ,increase programmers productivity, improve program maintenance and data independence Perkins stated that computer has an impressive impact upon business, governmental organization; bank and all sorts of organization and on how they are operate and manage.

This new type of system offers its students new options for enrolling at VPS. In the local setting, academic institutions both the private and government schools are shifting from manual to computerized system including student registration.

Relayo this study will assist the researcher regarding to the use of database and Visual Basic. Moreover, this system improved the process of enrollment in terms of searching, retrieving and subject schedules. The system offers immediacy and convenience of course enrollment via the internet.

Kampitan developed an Enrollment System of Liceo De Victoria that is designed to keep the students records. These major concerns are affecting the efficient enrollment system of students. The study aims provide a system that will serve their Registrar accurately and with efficiency in matters related to their enrolment.Automated Registration System for Colleges and Universities.

Pinnell, Charles; And Others This study concentrated on the investigation and development of a computerized system of student registration, sectioning, and record handling. relevant research made on online student registration used by different universities. Online Grades Inquiry and Subject Monitoring System.

Review of Related Literature This chapter presents the reviewed literature related to I. Introduction In this chapter, the researchers would like to propose an automated billing system in AMA. The goal of the study is to provide an efficient computer-based system that will easily update, retrieve, and maintain student records.

The developer’s main concern is to make a system that will help to speed up the process. The subject of this study is the Enrolment System of Ebenezer Montessori Christian School, Inc.

The University Student Registration System: a Case Study in Abstract Prior tostudent registration at Newcastle University involved students being registered in a single place, where they would present a form which had previously been filled in by the student are well-known in the research literature, we are not aware of any other.

CHAPTER 2 REVIEW OF RELATED LITERATURE AND STUDIES. Uploaded by. (CAMSIS) replaced various student records system used by the colleges, departments and universities. CAMSIS provides comprehensive and accurate information about student body and also improves data quality, reduce the administrative burden.

automated enrollment system. Using descriptive research methodology and adapting Leon Festingers' Cognitive Dissonance Theory, the study evaluated the enrollment system and assessed the clienteles' needs.

The respondents included selected students and enrollment staff of Siquijor State College.

Related literature about automated registration system for colleges and universities
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