Role of ppp in pakistan

The constitution retained some aspects of the Islamic nature of the republic but omitted the word Islamic in its original version; amid protests, Ayub Khan added that word later. After independence India had, in addition, constructed several multipurpose projects on the eastern tributaries of the Indus.

It had a nine-point program, which included restoration of direct elections, adult franchise and democratization of the Constitution.

The Tashkent Declaration was the turning point in the political fortunes of the Ayub Khan administration. Opposition parties decided to protest against the declaration, however State has banned public gatherings and arrested activists [20]. The earthquake in with its earthquake center in Kashmir is the strongest so far.

The post situation saw major organizational as well as technical changes in the Pakistan Army. Public investment in East Pakistan increased, although private investment remained heavily skewed in favor of West Pakistan.

She proclaimed Ayub Khan to be a dictator. Whether or not a new class of political leaders equipped with some administrative experience could have emerged to replace those trained in British constitutional law was never discovered.

There was a short campaigning period of one month, which was further restricted to nine projection meetings that were organized by the Election Commission and were attended only by the members of the Electoral College and members of the press.

The importance of this election, lay in the fact that a woman was contesting the highest political office of the country.

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The document created a presidential system in which the traditional powers of the chief executive were augmented by control of the legislature, the power to issue ordinances, the right of appeal to referendum, protection from impeachment, control over the budget, and special emergency powers, which included the power to suspend civil rights.

However, since Pakistan has basically supported the West in their war against fundamentalist terrorismincluding the removal of the Taliban regime in Afghanistan. The war began as a series of border flare-ups along undemarcated territory at the Rann of Kutch in the southeast in April and soon after along the cease-fire line in Kashmir.

This article was last updated on Sunday, June 01, Disclaimer: Pakistan hoped to support an uprising by Kashmiris against India. This is now called Bangladesh. People from all walks of life started criticizing him and thus he was left with no other option but to hand over the power to the leader of the most popular party of the remaining part of Pakistan, Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto, on December 20, The Land Reform Commission was set up inand in the government imposed a ceiling of hectares of irrigated land and hectares of unirrigated land in the West Wing for a single holding.

Above them, the district zilla councils, chaired by the deputy commissioners, were composed of nominated official and nonofficial members, including the chairmen of union councils.

A compromise that appeared to meet the needs of both countries was reached during the s; it was not until that a solution finally found favor with Ayub Khan and Jawaharlal Nehru. The trouble started when the results of the elections were announced.

The Mughal Empire flourished in the 16th and 17th centuries; the British came to dominate the region in the 18th century. Dhaka was designated the legislative capital of Pakistan, while the newly created Islamabad became the administrative capital.

He joined as a head constable and retired as a deputy superintendent, and Yahya was very hard working and meritorious and serious on his studies, he studied in the prestigious Col. But after the Martial Law was lifted, she sympathized with the opposition as she was strongly in favor of democratic ideals.

Once Ayub handed over power to Yahya Khan on 25 March Yahya inherited a two-decade constitutional problem of inter-provincial ethnic rivalry between the Punjabi - Pashtun - Mohajir dominated West Pakistan province and the ethnically Bengali Muslim East Pakistan province.

Each union council comprised ten directly elected members and five appointed members, all called Basic Democrats. Above them, the divisional advisory councils coordinated the activities with representatives of government departments.


In Februarya national conference was held in Lahore, where all the opposition parties convened to discuss their differences and their common interests. When Bhutto saw no space for him in party thus he went to from his own party. Instead, the Basic Democracies, as the individual administrative units were called, were intended to initiate and educate a largely illiterate population in the working of government by giving them limited representation and associating them with decision making at a "level commensurate with their ability.

Many of those elected were new and merged into factions formed on the basis of personal or provincial loyalties. By earlymost army units had resumed their regular duties.

Surrender of Pakistani forces without any resistance and the fall of Dhaka made Yahya Khan the greatest villain in the country.Economy - overview: Pakistan is a poor, heavily populated country, suffering from internal political disputes, lack of foreign investment, and a costly confrontation with neighboring India.


Pakistan's economic outlook continues to be marred by its weak foreign exchange position, notably its continued reliance on international creditors for hard currency inflows. Everything you need to know about the elections. Home to million people, Pakistan is the world’s sixth-largest country by population and plays a crucial role.

In the Lesotho government decided to pursue a public-private partnership to replace the run-down year-old Queen Elizabeth II hospital, build a new filter clinic and the upgrade of three primary-care clinics.

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The Pakistan Peoples Party (Urdu: پاکِستان پیپلز پارٹی ‬ ‎, commonly referred to as the PPP) is a left-wing, socialist-progressive political party of killarney10mile.comated with the Socialist International, its political philosophy and position, in the country's political spectrum, is considered centre-left, and involves supporting public ownership, egalitarianism.

Role of ppp in pakistan
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