Role police play in society essay

Expanding the Role of Police As the tasks of police have grown and diversified, the need for specialization within police forces has also increased. They get out of their cars, walk around and interact with families and business owners in their assigned neighborhoods. No wonder, with this presupposition, traditional criminologists did not pay much attention to the analysis of the role of law enforcement agencies.

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According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, a large number of police officers have a college degree in law enforcement or criminal justice, especially if they work for the federal government.

In secret policing any illegal activity of people will not avoid detection by the police and severe punishments will follow. It refers to the role of the police in the enforcement of criminal law; like maintenance of law and order, protecting and safeguarding the lives and properties of citizens.

The role of police intelligence and security agencies is deeply political.

Role of a Police Officer

Occasionally, an officer will be summoned to testify in court about the incident and circumstances of the arrest. Education A high school diploma or equivalent is the minimum education requirement for a police officer. Why do the cops not pay for the fruit and vegetables they buy, or for the rickshaw and the state transport buses they board?

Such a response is, in fact, counter-productive because not enough gets known to the police about the actual state of crime to enable it to take counter measures for checking crime. This role of police is carried through surveillance, which has to be secret.

Why do the police close their eyes to the crimes of sons and daughters of VIPs?

Job Growth Outlook A favorable job forecast is predicted for police officers over the next few years. In authoritarian regimes the police is used as an agent of political repression.

In particular, police are involved in community building and crime prevention. Our analysis of the police in this chapter is not concerned with police administration or with police structures or police organisation; rather it deals with the police as they actually operate.

Applicants with college coursework, military training, security experience or ability to speak more than one language have an advantage. Industry According to the BLS, 78 percent of police officers work in local government and municipal agencies.

Through hard work and willingness to learn from mistakes, you can persevere and thrive.Essay on police and society. The police have two main roles to play: crime investigation and crime prevention.

The policemen's job is thus. The role of the media, crime within the community, national accusations of police misconduct, the history of policing in the community and the actions taken by the police department to promote a positive image are all factors that can positively or adversely affect how the community perceives police officers (Baker & Hyde, ; Wooden &.

The role of the police force is shaped by the nature of political system in which it operates and the ways in which the government uses the police.

The role can be broadly divided into: civil policing and political policing. Police play a major role in our society. They should be respected and even helped as they are human beings just like us. Maintains law and order: All the law and order in our society should be maintained; Police enforces the law and sees that the there is no suspicious activities going around.

Frank J. Remington, The Role of Police in a Democratic Society, 56 J. Crim. L. Criminology & Police Sci. () POLICE SCIENCE THE ROLE OF POLICE IN A DEMOCRATIC SOCIETY The police should play a major role in fashioning and implementing a proper law enforcement policy for their community.' This is an.

Notes on the Role of Police in Society

Introduction Thesis Statement Being on the front lines as a police officer is often a stressful and dangerous role to play in the society, because one will be dealing with suspects on different levels of criminal offences. /5(22).

Role police play in society essay
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