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James has analyzed the developments leading to and the events of the Second Crusade, commenting The great crusades essay particular on the social changes that influenced it.

Eventually, Bohemond persuaded a tower guard in the city to open a gate and the Crusaders entered, massacring the Muslim and many Christian Greeks, Syrian and Armenian inhabitants.

The strongholds of the Crusaders began to fall to new enemies and despite a few minor expeditions, the crusading movement dwindled to an end. As a result, much of Palestine quickly fell to Saladin including, after a short five-day siegeJerusalem.

In my opinion; there was great amount of lives lost in these battles.

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For two days the Crusaders massacred the inhabitants and pillaged the city. At this time, Pope Urban II preached a sermon at the Council of Clermont in which he proposed that Western European noblemen and their armies join ranks with the Eastern Christian Byzantine Emperor and his forces in order to mount an attack against the Muslim Turks.

The Crusaders attacked non-Christians in Northern and Eastern Europe, and they led bloody massacres against the Jews and heretical Christians in their own territories, and tried to move Muslims of the Iberian Peninsula and out of North Africa.

Between andthese combined forces of the First Crusade destroyed the Turkish army at Dorylaeum, conquered the Syrian city of Antioch, and captured Jerusalem. The Normans resisted for hours before the arrival of the main army caused a Turkish withdrawal.

Boase After this Jerusalem was lost, the Christian city of Acre fell, and all the dreams of going back to the Holy Land was a good dream, but no matter how the King of France planned it; it seemed that everything was always redirected or delayed by regional tension.

Arab power expanded rapidly in the 7th and 8th centuries largely by military conquest. The political effects of the crusades broke down powers of the feudal aristocracy, and to give favor to the kings and the people.

Bohemond recognised that the only option now was for open combat, and he launched a counterattack against the besiegers. His overconfidence and tactical errors led to defeat at the Battle of Montgisard.

Some Islamic contemporaries promoted the idea that there was a natural Islamic resurgence under Zengi, through Nur al-Din to Saladin although this was not as straightforward and simple as it appears.

They gained large sections of the Middle East, and it was about three or four times bigger than the Christendom world. There were also effects from the crusades on Commerce, and this was the most important. However, in Henry died and most of the Crusaders returned to Germany to protect their holdings and take part in the election of his successor as Emperor.

These raids were beginning to annoy the Muslims rulers.

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There was a lot of mistrust, and hatred between Christians and Moslems, and also between Latin and Byzantine Christians. The crusades affected the life of Western Europe. People today asked the Pope to apologize for the horrors committed during the Crusades.The Failure of the Later Crusades.

The First Crusade had accomplished a miracle of sorts. A few thousand knights had taken the Holy Land by storm and established a series of Crusader states. Essay on Crusades Words 6 Pages In The First Crusade was launched by Christians with the support of the Roman Catholic Church in hopes of recapturing Jerusalem from the Muslims.

Essay: The Crusades As I started to read different articles; I wondered what the difference was between a crusade and a crusader. I found out that the medieval crusade was a holy war, and for it to be an officially crusade, it had to be ordered by the pope against groups of people that hated Christendom.

The Crusades: Europe's Greatest Triumph Essay - Were the crusades worthwhile. The crusades were a number of military campaigns fought. In his History of the Crusades Sa'id Ashur emphasised the similarity between the modern and medieval situation facing Muslims and the need to study the Crusades in depth.

Sayyid Qutb declared there was an international Crusader conspiracy. Great examples of the impact crusades had on the life in Europe were stories told about the Crusaders; not all of them could be proven to be true. The Children’s Crusade is the event in the history, which generated so much controversy, that.

The great crusades essay
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