The parallels between the presidency of richard nixon and bill clinton

What counts for more in the game of holding power and using it wisely - winning, or how you play the game? Calling what has happened in Serbia "victory" may be tempting to those seeking to justify what has been done, but such bravado invites more trouble.

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President Clinton has proven to be anything but a left-winger in his two terms, in spite of all the carping from the likes of Jesse Helms. President Nixon was Tricky Dick. The impeachment of Andrew Johnson was greeted with vast approval in the North.

Both Nixon and Clinton needed to win and were good at it. He was neither impeached nor removed. Andrew Johnson escaped this fate by a single vote, and so goes down in history as the U.

The case went to trial in the Senate, which ultimately voted on Feb. Thus, the two men disappointed many of the people who voted for them but won re-election anyway.

Share This Like My Writing? In NovemberAmericans will choose a new president. Both campaigns were aspects of policies that sought to force a recalcitrant regime to change its behavior with regard to people far from where the bombs were actually exploding.

What Clinton has done with welfare reform hardly flows from the last 40 years of traditional liberal thinking.

Both Bill Clinton and Andrew Johnson were impeached, which simply means that they were accused of "high crimes and misdemeanors" as specified in the U. In the impeachment of Bill Clinton, the vote count was not nearly so close.

To be removed from office, a two-thirds "guilty" vote in the Senate would be required.

Richard Nixon, Bill Clinton both faced impeachment over obstruction of justice

Tricky and Slick By FTRea Richard Nixon and Bill Clinton, both flawed but brilliant men who rose to power from humble origins, earned nicknames that stuck to them like glue. Richard Nixon and Bill Clinton belonged to different parties but there are many similarities between them.

The impeachment of Bill Clinton was more unpopular with the public and involved far more salacious details than that of Andrew Johnson.

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The public, rightly or wrongly, did not generally regard his alleged crimes as being very serious. Two other articles of impeachment — a second perjury charge and a charge of abuse of power — failed to pass in the House. Both Tricky and Slick ignored criticism of that stripe because winning the game interested them much more than what they saw as useless and archaic notions about honorable warfare.

Nevertheless, it was Bill Clinton who received the most public sympathy during his impeachment. Popular Opinion Concerning the Two Impeachments Andrew Johnson, who assumed the presidency upon the death of Abraham Lincoln, was an unpopular president in the North because of his pro-slavery views.

What they did know was that they disapproved of his policies. If we must make a choice between skill or truth, what do the times require? Clinton remained in office. Only areas of high conservatism tended to look on it favorably. Then both Nixon and Clinton faced impeachment hearings in their second term in office.

Clinton has bombed parts of Yugoslavia into dust, in support of Albanians who lived in another part of Yugoslavia. Rea is a free-lance writer who lives in Richmond.AP Photo, File Hillary Clinton's alleged penchant for secrecy and paranoia has recently drawn repeated unfavorable comparisons to one of the most infamous characters in US politics: President Richard Nixon.

Todd Purdum wrote a lengthy Politico piece published Saturday on. The men that have held the highest office in the country have each had their own ups and downs, victories and defeats, moments of shame and pride.

Modern Presidents are no exception to the repetition of history; both Richard Nixon and Bill Clinton’s Presidency have been threatened by scandal. Apr 14,  · Bill Clinton's Parallels To Today. Bill Clinton's Parallels To Today. were on the House judiciary committee that voted to impeach President Richard Nixon over.

How was the Impeachment of Bill Clinton Different from Other Impeachments?

Dwight Eisenhower had mixed opinions about Nixon, and Bill Clinton outright campaigned against Obama in the primaries. They both followed Texans who massively increased the size and scope of government: Nixon followed Lyndon Johnson, and Obama followed George W.

Bush. Nixon accused of espionage, and Clinton accused of having an affair with Monica Lewinsky, which led to the impeachment of both presidents. Nixon was president of.

Clinton at a rally in Tampa, Fla., October 26, (Reuters photo: Carlos Barria) Someday, we might learn the truth, but not if Hillary can help it. Richard Nixon’s campaign for president.

The parallels between the presidency of richard nixon and bill clinton
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