Union steel industries case study of iima

Marico has also been endeavouring to increase productivity among its farmer-partners. All these activities cost around Rs a tonne and gunny bags cost another Rs per tonne. It was another significant step in broadbasing supplies and also enabled Marico to rehabilitate smaller agents as centre heads, paying them Rs a tonne as commission.

This prompted a month-long blockage by Kerala traders. Earlier, Marico would buy only copra—coconuts sun-dried by its vendors. From Rs 18, a tonne inthe price peaked at Rs 52, a tonne in Inwith of reverse auctions, price discovery and a feel of the quantity available became much easier.

Sustainability & India Inc: Why Marico's supply chain management is a case study at IIM-A

For a company that is the largest buyer of copra in India— abouttonnes a year— and is striving to meet steadily growing demand for its popular range of Parachute coconut oils, reliable, resilient and sustainable in-bound raw material chains are a lynchpin for a crisis-free future.

Marico has suffered during two bull runs in copra—in and in —as middlemensalted away copra in warehouses. Professor Mukherjee says traders even complained to top management that the company was incurring losses by buying copra at higher prices.

Marico set up its first copra col lection centre in Perambra, Kerala. Nov 26, Farmers disinclined or unable to convert their coconuts to copra can sell their produce here. Simultaneously, the company started developing a sourcing base in Tamil Nadu to de-risk itself from Kerala.

One-Stop Shop This collection centre, one of the thousands it has, has machines to de-husk, de-shell and dry coconuts. This dis-intermediating initiative, which began inis a case study at IIM—Ahmedabad. The mechanised drying-conversion process takes just a day at Madurai, a vast improvement from the manual six days, and uses one-third of manpower.

Their aim, always, is to sell their produce as quickly as possible and invest in the next crop. In the early years, Marico sourced its copra from terminal markets of Kerala—a beehive of agents and unions. Another tactic adopted by angry traders, to break and discredit the auction system, was to offer copra at lower prices than those accepted by Marico, after auction hours.

Marico buyers, however, refused to renege on the high prices contracted.This dis-intermediating initiative, which began inis a case study at IIM–Ahmedabad. Professor Saral Mukherjee, in his inimitable style, takes students of supply chain management through Marico’s breakthroughs and setbacks.

IIM Ahmedabad Students To Study Magnum Opus 'Baahubali 2' Baahubali 2 now will be introduced as a case study in one of the electives at the premier B-School IIM. About IIMA. The Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad (IIMA) has evolved from being India's premier management institute to a notable international school of management in just five decades.

If this is the first time you use this feature, you will be asked to authorise Cambridge Core to connect with your Google Drive account. Find out more about sending content to Google Drive. UNION DERECOGNITION AND THE NEW HUMAN RELATIONS: A STEEL INDUSTRY CASE STUDY. Organizing training for union renewal: A case study analysis of the European Union steel industry Dean Stroud Cardiff University, UK Economic and Industrial Democracy.


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Wilson Previous literature on the steel industry and trade protection is mainly characterized by and Yeung () undertake event study analysis of abnormal returns for US steel firms upon announcements of major trade policy implementation .

Union steel industries case study of iima
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