What the star spangled banner means to me essay

When he reached Baltimore he finished the poem.

A short essay on the Star Spangled-banner - Amato P. Mongelluzzo

The manuscript that Key wrote was not on the back of an envelope, they had not yet been invented. As part of a two pronged attack, the British now sent their naval fleet to attack and destroy the port city.

When I got the task to write about the national anthem, I started pondering where it was mostly heard and sung. The most memorable award ceremony for me was the Olympic Games in Beijing inwhen our famous swimmer Michael Phelps took his eighth golden medal in a single Olympic Games.

Veterans groups, in particular, protested his hijacking of a national treasure. In later years it was very popular with the military and it was used as an "unofficial" national anthem.

One fact concerning the national anthem impressed me a lot. InPresident Woodrow Wilson accompanied his proclamation that June 14 be set aside as "Flag Day"—a day on which Americans rededicate themselves to "the mission of liberty and justice to which we have devoted ourselves as a people"—with an order that "The Star-Spangled Banner" be performed at public events.

As the sun began to set, he could still see the American flag flying over the fort, and as twilight turned to dark of night, he was able to catch periodic glimpses of the American flag illuminated by exploding rockets.

It is important to know the beginning of the story.

The Star-Spangled Banner

I was such a little kid, that I probably should not have remembered this, but one episode would be in my heart forever.

The main defense of Baltimore harbor was Fort McHenry. I remember my mother prepared a wonderful supper for this event. The second episode happened with me while I was watching the Olympic Games.

They were like a mountain — tall, strong and without emotions on their faces, but of course, with the ones inside. Because of its deteriorated condition, most Americans have long assumed that this flag flew during the battle. The future lyrics of the anthem was made by a soldier during the battle.

This would have been the flag Key would have seen when entered Baltimore. There is no sense to describe how the country has suffered. The fort is the only site to have both a national monument and historic shrine disignation.The Star-Spangled Banner in Pictures and Words Recite the first stanza of the National Anthem for the class.

Tell students they will understand the difficult words better and learn more about the early history of the Star-Spangled Banner (flag and song) by analyzing some primary source materials.

Essay Star Spangled Banner. English November 21, The Star Spangled Banner The Star Spangled Banner is a very powerful and moving song that not only defines our country as a free and independent nation, but it also presents us with the struggles we went through to become who we are. The Star Spangled Banner originated as the.

The Star-Spangled Banner meaning. Find out more about the meaning of The Star-Spangled Banner by N/A. Dig into the lyrics, the cultural context of the song, and hear what the artist has to say.

A short essay on the Star Spangled-banner - Amato P. Mongelluzzo The Star-spangled banner, the National Anthem of the United States of America is a poem inspired by the Battle of Baltimore, fought on Septemberduring the War of During the British campaign against Washington, D.C., an elderly and respected physician, Dr.

Most of all, “The Star Spangled Banner” symbolizes the truth of what America truly means–“the land of the free and the home of the brave”. Read Full Essay Click the button above to view the complete essay, speech, term paper, or research paper.

The Star Spangled Banner is a sign that prayer and beleif works--it was written when the American Flag was still seen flying over Fort McHenry. That is too much history and too much signifigance.

What the star spangled banner means to me essay
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