Why was the consolidated terror watch list created

After the lawsuit was filed, he was allowed to return to the U. In June those same two FBI agents summoned Mashal to a local hotel and invited him to a private room.

When gun rights enter the debate, the stakes become higher. There are an estimated 7, American men whose legal names correspond to "T Kennedy".

Johnson wondered whether he was on the list because of his opposition to the Iraq War. Barbara Olshanskythen Assistant Legal Director for the Center for Constitutional Rightsnoted that she and several of her colleagues received special attention on numerous occasions.

He traveled for 12 days, passing through Panama City before arriving in Mexicali, California. Airline reservations systems allow passengers who have a Redress Control Number to enter it when making their reservation.

In Mayafter a two-month delay, he flew to Mexico City, planning to cross into the United States by land. This shows that the watch list database does not provide accurate information because he is a citizen of the country. On at least one occasion, she was ordered to pull her trousers down in view of other passengers.

Beside that, the list can be distributed to a wide range of overnment agency systems for use in efforts to deter or detect the movements of known or suspected terrorist.

Managing data resources includes establishing an information policy, and ensuring data quality. He has the same name as a former Guantanamo detainee. The Government Accountability Office reported that between andknown or suspected terrorists tried to buy guns 2, times — and 91 percent of their background checks were approved.

Do names get removed from the list? Besides that, to improve the system, TSC could integrate with FBI to set up its standard and provide consistent procedures for nominating individuals to the list, performing modifications to information and not relaying those changes to other governmental offices.

Therefore, TSC needs to conduct closer examination and integrate that list with those maintained by airlines, individual states and other localities using more information to differentiate individuals.

No Fly List

Mashal refused to answer any additional questions without a lawyer present and was told to leave the hotel. The modern terrorist watch list was created after the September 11 attacks. District Judge Anna J. Mashal feels as if he was blackmailed into becoming an informant by being placed on the No Fly List.

The protest groups were also entered as terrorist organizations. If you were responsible for the management of the TSC watch list database, what steps would you take to correct some of the weaknesses? The Washington Post reported in that few of those flagged by the list were arrested or denied entry into the United States.

Senator Ted Stevens stated in a committee hearing that his wife Catherine had been subjected to questioning at an airport as to whether she was Cat Stevens due to the similarity of their names.How the FBI Terrorist Watch List Works The modern terrorist watch list was created after the September 11 attacks.

At that time, various government agencies maintained about a dozen separate lists with names of suspected terrorists. and the consolidated watch list was created to avert future communication blunders. The No Fly List, the Selectee List, and the Terrorist Watch List were created by George W. Bush's administration and have continued through the successive administrations of Barack Obama and current President Donald Trump.

View Homework Help - Case 6 Database from MBA BUS at University of St. Thomas. THE TERROR WATCH LIST DATABASES TROUBLE CONTINUE 1 Contents 1. Issues. 2 2.

Facts. 3 3. Analysis. 4 4. Conclusion. For instance, the watch list solves some of the problems of traditional file environment by reducing redundancy (each agency with some responsibility for homeland security maintaining its own separate list).

Dec 07,  · A database of suspected terrorists also known as the terrorist watch list created in response to criticisms that multiple agencies were maintaining separate lists and that these agencies lacked a consistent process to share relevant information concerning theindividuals on each agency’s list.

The Terrorist Watch List Database and Screening Center Terrorist Watch List Database: A Case Study Don E. Gregory INFO Management Information Systems Abstract Since the attacks on the World Trade Center, our nation has been at war with terrorism.

Why was the consolidated terror watch list created
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