Write a c program to find the perimeter of a circle rectangle and triangle

The area of a rectangle is the amount of two-dimensional space inside the boundary on rectangle. The value of Length must be a positive value. Your source code must be readable and maintainable as possible by including meaningful comments, proper indentation, meaningful variable identifiers, constants, etc.

At last, it prints the perimeter of rectangle on screen using printf function. The rectangle is quadrilaterals having four sides.

C++ program to find area of square,rectangle,circle and triangle by using function overloading

And if you are going to leave them, and have a very good documentation-related reason for doing so, you need to improve the associated comment beyond "no need". Finally, inside the body of the function, you should be calling the constructor for the temporary Point object as you initialize it, rather than making a dummy copy and resetting both of its members.

You are required to write a C program that will calculate the following: Even if I do not call something out again the next time that it appears, please try to carry knowledge forward! Make sure that your formulae use the correct data type to give the correct result.

Here, too, the constructor should use an initialization list. Also, the way you repeat yourself inside of the getDist function is confusing and hard to maintain. Make sure that user knows the units in which the calculations are performed and display the units in the final result.

To find the area of rectangle we multiple the length and width of rectangle and store area in a floating point variable. However, you are not using member initialization listsand I believe that you should.

But consider whether you really need comments for these functions at all! I have no idea what l1 means.

C++ To Calculate Area Of Circle, Rectangle And Triangle Using Switch Case

But I recommend choosing a different name in order to avoid potential conflicts. Use a consistent number of blank lines between functions unless you are separating them for some reason, and then use a consistent multiple of your normal number of blank linesbe consistent in whether or not you put spaces around operators, be consistent in your indentation, etc.

The caller can then catch this exception and handle it however they want, including displaying an error message. Logically, the distance between two points has absolutely nothing to do with a polygon, and technically, the implementation of that function does not depend on any members of a Polygon class.

Whether you use a prefix or not, definitely rename them to radius and center. Point ; Point int x, int y ; int getX const; int getY const; void setX int x ; void setY int y ; void print const; private: This would allow the caller to fix their bug in a debugging build, without introducing any error-reporting overhead in release builds.

The names used in the Triangle. There is no reason to include the Shape. If they just restate things that are obvious from the name of the function, leave them off! This better preserves a division of responsibility: In general, since code is written in English, I think comments should be in English, too.

Most compilers will generate more efficient code if such types are passed by value, rather than by const-reference which is usually implemented behind-the-scenes as by-pointer. A rectangle is also a special case of trapezium, where opposite sides are parallel and equal. It has no effect on efficiency in this case, since all of your members are POD typesbut it is nevertheless a good habit to get into.

Your program must be user friendly, this includes readability of results and prompts. How about naming them vertex1, vertex2, and vertex3? To find the perimeter of rectangle we add the length and width of rectangle and then multiply it with 2 as per formula given above and store perimeter in a floating point variable.

Also, I recommend placing documentation comments above the function definition, rather than out to the side.

The area of a rectangle can be calculated by placing the rectangle over a grid and counting the number of square units it takes to completely fill a rectangle.

I also recommend that you outdent the accessibility specifiers e. The user must be able to make as many calculations as he wishes. The code file needs the same treatment applied. Your program must ask the user for the appropriate measurements needed to perform the calculations. There is no cost to this, though, because they are plain-old-ints.

If you wanted to facilitate printing a Point object, you could simply define a toString method:This is a C++ program to find area of a rectangle, circle and triangle. Class diagram of program also given below. Manually we can find the area of a rectangle by using equation: Area = Breadth * Length.

Also we can find the area of a circle by using equation. May 04,  · The getArea() method returns the area and getPerimeter() returns the perimeter of the rectangle. In the main method of FindRectangleArea, we have created one reference and one object of Rectangle.

Problem: Write A C++ To Calculate Area Of Circle Rectangle And Triangle Using Switch Case or C++ Program to Compute Area of Shapes using Switch Case or c++ program to find area of circle using functions or c++ program to find area of rectangle and circle using class and object or c++ program to find area of rectangle using switch case or C Program to Find the Areas of Different Geometrical.

C Program to Frame sorting technique used in buffers. Menu driven program in the creation,display,search, insertion and deletion of a node in the linked list. A java program to calculate the perimeter of a square,circle,rectangle and Triangle [closed] Ask Question.

up vote-1 down vote favorite. I was given an assignment to perform method overloading in inheritence in java by designing a program that calculates the perimeter of different shapes, i designed code as shown below but when i try to compile.

If you're going to write documentation comments, make them meaningful and professional looking. Calculate area and perimeter for shapes: polygon, circle, rectangle and triangle - follow up. Calculate area and perimeter for shapes: polygon, circle, rectangle and triangle - follow up. 0. Simple lambda like define trick.


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Write a c program to find the perimeter of a circle rectangle and triangle
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