Write an article on corruption in nigeria judiciary

It is apparent that a sole Police Force is inadequate for the provision of public safety, health and accountability of a vast country like Nigeria. This revelation excluded a crime that is suspected to have gone on for years and went undetected until revealed by whistle-blower.

Ladies and Gentlemen, I once more thank the Governing Board of the Nigerian National Merit Award for the wonderful opportunity given me to address this auspicious gathering. This is most uncharitable as the crisis, combustible as it is, flared up, due to neglect of the fight against corruption within the Judiciary.

This is in addition to the reform of the appointment procedure for judicial officers, so that only the best and indeed, honest lawyers are appointed to the Bench. Legislation as a source of Nigerian law[ edit ] The two fundamental sources of Nigerian law through legislation are [4] 1 Acts of British parliament, popularly referred to as statutes of general application.

These two documentaries, highlight in details, information few Nigerians know of. Dung Pam Sha who represented the Nigerian Labour Congress NLC highlighted the public perception that there are widespread corrupt practices in the Nigerian court system and called for concerted effort to battle the scourge.

It is not respectfully a position to be hassled for; it is a position of honour and dignity! They are called the criminal and penal codes of Nigeria.

Frequent change of heads of courts results in instability. Undoubtedly, this will be the core issue when the suspect judicial officers are charged to court i.

Officials were later accused of falsifying ships manifestos and inflating the amount of cement to be purchased. I have, therefore, restricted this paper to that topic, believing that the relevant organisations would do what is necessary to identify and take action against erring judicial officers.

The post independence legislation [ edit ] The grant of independence to Nigeria was a milestone in the political history of the country. As you make your bed, so will you lie on it!

Federal government of Nigeria

Chidi Odinkalu and made two very critical observations regarding some judgments that have come from some political litigations since the re-emergence of democratic rule in These judicial officers and their families had their sleep rudely interrupted, homes broken into, searches conducted and reputations tarnished.

Shortages and subsequent allegations were precipitated by protectionism. She left the meeting and returned to her desk. The sifting should start with the quality of university degree and the law school grade. Closely knit to this issue of qualification is the justices appointed to the Supreme Court and the Court of Appeal on the account of their specialty in Sharia or Customary Law as prescribed by the constitution.

There are many other ancillary issues that must be touched upon, such as the role of the National Judicial Council NJC and other stakeholders such as the Bar Association NBA in the fight against judicial corruption and the impact of public opinion on the evolving issues.

The Nigerian Constitution provides a unique framework for the management of a multi-ethnic and religious society such as Nigeria. The game plan was probably that on receiving my letter, they would tell me that the notice of retirement was accepted with period of notice waived, and I should proceed on retirement immediately to the satisfaction and pleasure of their mentor the President and utter neglect or dereliction of their constitutional function of protecting the judiciary from the executive.

At times, the bribe they collect for and on behalf of such designated judges never come to their knowledge, not to talk of its being delivered to them. To do so as many highly placed Government officials have done in the course of the crisis amounts to a naked usurpation of the judicial powers of the courts, and a breach of the constitutionally guaranteed presumption of innocence of the judicial suspects.

It has been said that it is beneath the dignity of the state and against public policy for the State to use for its own profit, evidence that has been unlawfully obtained, although frequently the circumstances surrounding the commission of the crime is such as to make the securing of proper competent evidence very difficult.

Documents How corrupt is the Nigerian judiciary?

Eradicating Corruption In Nigerian Judiciary By Justice Isa Ayo Salami

The Central Bank claim the heist undermined its monetary policy. However, Nigerians know about integrity of the judiciary. Were politicians the sole participants in these cases? My Lord, Mukhtar was obviously uncomfortable with my choice and was visibly shaken.

Corruption and the Nigerian Judiciary Matters Arising

It is, therefore, a personality problem, as successive chief justices have dexterously exploited the provisions of the composition of the NJC in advancing their personal interest rather than protecting the service or the system.

In conclusion, sad as the crises may be, it is clear that, it is stakeholders in the justice system that have brought this calamity on itself. Such judicial officers should be referred to the relevant security agencies for investigation and determination of their criminal responsibility.

There should be a separation of religion and state.Corruption and the Nigerian Judiciary Matters Arising.

How corrupt is the Nigerian judiciary?

but also to find a lasting solution to the incidences of corruption in the Nigerian. Corruption In Judiciary. Corruption in the judiciary is not only on election cases. Or the more recent legal foxtrots between former Chief Justice of. Eradicating Corruption In Nigerian Judiciary By Justice Isa Ayo Salami The Chairman, who incidentally is the Chief Justice of Nigeria, could abuse his office in pursuit of his corrupt conduct.

How corrupt is the Nigerian judiciary? The absence of freedom of information law in Nigeria is also not helping the fight against corruption.

Corruption Groups Write. The flag bearer of the corruption fight in Nigeria, the EFCC has responded to the senate committee on public account's claim on the non submission of her account report by the institution and 84 others.

Nigeria: Judicial Corruption - Bench Is a Product of the Bar - CJN ‎ corruption in the Judiciary having regard to the number of Judges and the .

Write an article on corruption in nigeria judiciary
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